Hi, I'm Wendy, I photograph, I blog and I am fast heading towards being a grey nomad!! Yikes, watch out for me in your local Aussie camping ground!

I'd love to share with you some of my life story.

When I was young I dreamt of some huge and wonderful event that would define my life. This event would magically unfold and sweep me up into a world of glamour, fame, money and accolades from far and wide. Maybe it was a movie star, maybe it was an Olympian, maybe it was the winner of some Nobel prize for my efforts as a marine biologist, hmm I do like the ocean...
But as the years rolled by, no fame, no money and no outstanding achievements.
I just felt so darned ordinary!!
I began primary school teaching, got married and had three wonderful children. Sleepless nights, worry, exhaustion, exasperation and penniless living seemed to be my lot in life.
More years rolled by, they looked remarkably similar to the years I have just previously described.

Then one day in my early fifties (standing in church actually) I looked over at my three children, all married, and all around me, and all living good healthy lives.... I remembered a bargain I had made with God when I was 23 years old. (Not such a good thing to do by the way.) I had not asked for fame or fortune I had asked for the lives of my children to be good, wholesome and prosperous. I had also asked that they be believers in God.
With a mind shattering thunderbolt I realized I had got what I had dreamt of and asked for, my greatest deep desire had been and still is for my children.

Blow....if only I had asked God for fame and fortune, I could have been rich, probably divorced, probably unhappy with my children spread around the globe and no darling grandchildren. Hmm that's only a passing thought!

Today I am no longer searching for those things I thought I wanted when I was young.
My life can be summed up with the two "F"s"
Family and Fotography!
Family is important to me and despite the fact that we live in a world full of turmoil, violence and trouble, my family comes first.
Photography has certainly not bought me fame and fortune, but, OH how exciting and mind blowing it is to be doing something you love with all your heart.





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