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Hi, I’m Wendy,


Born in New Zealand to Dutch parents I was bought up on an isolated farm next to the most beautiful town of Kaikoura, where the grand mountains fall headlong into a rugged coastline.

I believe this outstanding landscape shaped my passion for life and photography.

I am married and have three children and seven grandchildren. Today half our life has been spent in New Zealand and the other half in Australia. I consider myself slightly Dutch, all New Zealand, with a touch of Aussie in the mix.


The spiritual aspect of the land and life is what posseses my thoughts and allows me to create. I am on a constant mission to seek out the wow factor in everyday normal living.


What I do:

*I blog weekly on self help for everyday life and spirituality.... and whatever else gets my attention.

*I sell my photographic prints which you can view on my NEWS page and also in my  GALLERY .

*Most, if not all my photographs in my gallery are for sale. Simply message me using my CONTACT PAGE

*I have written a number of adorable childrens books illustrated using my own photographic images, which you can buy through my gallery.

*I have one or two art exhibitions each year. More details to come....


My final persuasion:

As I have visited and photographed, hills and plains, mountains and trees, valleys and rivers, lakes, and fjords, oceans and cliffs, waves and sands...
I have absolutely no doubt that evolution is random, irrational and chaotic,  I find creation is infinitely careful, ordered and systematic, and that He makes everything beautiful in His time.




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Thank you for taking the time to wander through my web site. 



Hi, my name is Wendy Philip.

Welcome to my website which is about my passion, photography, and how through this I discovered the wow factor in life!

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