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Hi, I’m Wendy,

My past

I was bought up on an isolated farm next to the most beautiful town of Kaikoura, with spectacular mountains alongside a rugged coastline.

I believe this outstanding landscape shaped my passion for life and photography.

I now live in Adelaide, Australia, but regularly return to New Zealand in winter to photograph the mountains, ice, frost, and snow etc. Both South Australia and New Zealand provide me with varied and amazing opportunities to photograph. 

I took up photography approx 10 years ago, and have done numerous online courses to perfect my skills. However my style and experience are mainly from my heart and my passion for the countryside. I may live in a city but my heart is always back on the farmland where I was raised. Having said that, South Australia is vibrant, dramatic and unique. My plan is to visit and photograph as much of this incredible state as possible.... without dying in some desert!!


My mission:

To create, to be real, and to live simply. 

To inspire others with my photography, to love life and love our planet.


 What I do:

* Photography is my passion, for me, life began when I found a camera! I have a Nikon D800E and also a Nikon D5100. 

* I blog weekly (or fortnightly) on photography, local travel destinations, self help for everyday life and spirituality.

* I have recently added a section called HOMESTLYE, we have downsized and now have a gorgeous old spanish style seventies home.  Stay tuned for regular updates.                                                                            

* I sell my photographic prints which you can view in my  GALLERY . They are reasonably priced and look fantastic on white walls.

* If you wish to make a purchase simply message me using my CONTACT PAGE 

* I have written a number of adorable children's books illustrated using my own photographic images, which you can see and buy through my GALLERY.







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The tools of the trade.


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You have to seek out adventure, it wont just come to you.


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I love white boats and wild seas.


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I dream of a home by the sea and a caravan for weekends.


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It's OK to be a bit weird, people appreciate you much better if you are authentically you.


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If you see something amazing, STOP and take the shot, it will never be quite the same ever again.


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If I'm not at home, I'm either on my bike or lost in a field.


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My most loved days, above all else, is the days I spend with my children, grandchildren and family.


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I tell myself there is always something good ahead, just keep looking and keep walking.


Hi, my name is Wendy Philip.

Welcome to my website. Photography, blog, inspiration and life lessons

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