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Do you find yourself struggling with greed?

That Lorax....the guardian of the forest woke me at 5.30am on an ice cold morning. We were on holiday camped by a beautiful lake when I heard him outside making strange beckoning noises.
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Recognising the seasons of your life, and why yellow is good for you?


There are seasons in life.
As a photographer, I photograph the same things each season over and over. 

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What happened to me, when did I suddenly grow up and become a complaining adult?


I swear there was a frost this morning in Adelaide. I live by the coast and we supposedly live frost free.

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Why new born baby's love black and white?


They cannot focus adequately until they are approx 6 months old... especially on colour. 

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Stopping on the side of the road for a beer!


When you notice the sun beginning to set and it's beer o'clock make sure you have your camera handy.‚Äč 

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