An Australian white Christmas.

Each year I go in search of an Australian white Christmas.

This year I passed an old used gypsum mining site. Being in the middle of miles of soaring golden wheat fields, it stuck out like a blinding light from the heavens.

A gauzy apparition of soft watery hues .....

Reminding me of the Sea of Galilee.
And so my story unfolds....
Sometimes in life, you stumble upon....
the most unlikely and most incredible happening.
A sight to behold.
Like nothing you have ever seen before.
And so we followed the light.
We saw His star in the east.
We have come to worship Him.
We bring gifts.
"A ruler will come for you, who will be like a shepherd"
In haste we depart to another country
For a time we dwell in a strange land
Only one born
Only one who can save
Only one remains
He shall be called a Nazarene
He will live by the Sea of Galilee
He will fulfill all that is required by God.
Full of grace, truth and hope.
Is our landscape without spirituality and hope?
Is a life barren and banished forever?
He has been sent.
Christ was born for all.
The grave abolished.
We celebrate and remember His birth.

​A most unique and memorable spot. Our landscape is full of hidden meaning and stories. "The spiritual landscape."

See you all next time...I hope your Christmas preparations are going to plan and that you are having happiness and peace.

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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