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Add colour to your world


The earth seems to be, a forever changing myriad of colours. We humans love it and without colour our world would be black, doom, gloom and darkness. Imagine for a second a world with no colour.... What would replace colour??? I have no answer...

 Colour is that indefinable thing that enables our senses to come alive. 

Allows us to appreciate, to create, to be inspired, and to enjoy our lives. 

The green

The red

The turquoise

The orange....

Did He not make the eye to see variations of vast and infinite spectrums of light
Green and gold so much to behold
Curve after curve, light after light, colour after colour...
Isolation, but fun when you're in a turquoise world.
Dark storm clouds gather and the light changes yet again
The majesty of a cloud.
And the earth grew dark...from navy to green, from green to dark grey...
Olive green
Myriad of colours
Producing sensations on the eye.
The red soil ploughed ready for planting
Lines of red soil
Sunrise, a festival of yellows and golds.
I often wonder....What could there possibly be that would cause any doubt as to the originator of all this beauty and colour?
Did He not make our eye to appreciate the seasonal changing of the earth, the dawning of the day and the descent of the eve, the diversity of the waters and the intensity of the land, the splendour of the spaces and the stars.

Get up, get outside, get going and enjoy the colours in your world and life. I believe colour was made primarily for pure enjoyment, a release and place of pleasure after the turmoil and struggles of each day.

For my images today I have increased the intensity of the colour that was present at that moment. Sometimes the sea was green, sometimes turquoise and sometimes deep dark blue, I increased the exposure and vibrancy slider. Edited in Lightroom.

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Guest - Sandy Lord on Monday, 19 March 2018 22:36

Lovely Wendy!! You've coloured my day. X

Lovely Wendy!! You've coloured my day. X
Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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