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Here's a true story that could just shock you!

This is 100 per cent true, handed down from the generation above...

It was the year 1954, and one fine afternoon, my husband whom we will name Henry, was born, to his beautiful mother, whom we will call Anna, and his handsome tall proud father whom we will call Joe. Let me just say their's was an exceedingly happy marriage and survived until death parted them. 

Anna and Joe took their first born son home after Anna had spent the allocated time of three weeks in the hospital, as that's how long you stayed in the hospital when you'd had a newborn child in the 50's. The very first night at home, baby Henry awoke at midnight for his customary night feed and Anna proceeded to get out of bed to feed him. Joe asked her what on earth she was doing, to which she replied 

"The baby is crying it's my duty to feed him."

"No you will not give that child a feed in the middle of the night." Joe said sternly.

"But that's what I did in the hospital, that's how you feed a baby nowadays." replied Anna.

Joe continued, "No, my mother and father apparently never allowed us to be fed in the middle of the night and we will bring our children up the same."

She ceased arguing after awhile and thought....well if that's the way it's done I will do the same....she listened to baby Henry cry for just over an hour with her heart breaking. But Joe reassured her a few times that's how it's done and baby Henry will be fine. Eventually baby Henry went back to sleep and woke at 6 am and was hastily fed by Anna.

The process was repeated the next night although baby Henry cried for about only 30 minutes. Then again on the third night and baby Henry apparently cried for about 20 seconds. On the fourth night not a sound could be heard all through the night.....and this continued for most other nights of his life as a young baby.

Well my husband certainly survived, as I look over at him now he does not look malnourished and he has not suffered any brain deprivation trauma. In fact he tells me he cannot recall any of those three breastless...I mean restless nights.

I am not advocating, neither am I against, this method of feeding for your newborn, however... 

You can change your world, you have a lot more power than you give yourself credit for, your child is resilient, you are in charge of them, they are not in charge of you! 

One word of warning... you will need to start this style of parenting while your child is very young, by the time they are a teen it may just be too late to stop feeding them at all hours of the day or night!

Where I walk, what I was taught, where will this lead me?
Dreaming of adventures
Am I prepared for my future?
Invest in your child.

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