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To a mother in heaven.


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers... and especially those who have mothers in heaven. 

It's  almost a year...

I am happy that my mother is in heaven, she is young and vibrant and all pain and suffering has left her. She is fulfilled and overjoyed to be released from all earthly encumbrances.

*Some days she seeks out the Monet garden and sits quietly and paints. Putting deep and rich colours on her brush and coating the canvas like she was never able to on earth. She laughs and gasps at the stunning results.

*Some days she visits her sisters and they chat and laugh about old times. They drink coffee and eat the best ever, heavenly croquettes. Then they will often frequent the myriad of glamorous shops, which sell garments made from the most exquisite of linens and the finest of silks.

But each day she waits patiently...

*On other days she helps and assists the daily newcomers to heaven. Her job is to show them all the Art Gallery's. Each gallery is unique and provides the onlooker with the most superb and elaborate works of art, room after room, hallway after hallway all lined with unimaginable masterpieces. My Mum loves this job and tries her best to answer all the visitors questions.

*On other days she explores the many doors that are open to her. She wanders outside through gardens and trees, rivers and lakes, hills and valleys, some blue, some gold, some green, some mauve.

But each day she waits patiently 

*Some days she simply listens to the music of the chorus of angelic beings who cry day and night, "Worthy, worthy, worthy is the lamb..." The singing is so incredible and overpowering that tears flow freely from her eyes. 

*Some days when feeling a little tired, she takes to the snowy mountains and puts on her skis and cruises past birds and butterflies, beasts and badgers. The air is so cool and blue she comes home quite energised.

*On some days she will talk with the angels and ask them for clues as to how her children are fairing on planet earth. They assure her, she must trust that all their footsteps He foreknew and although they may endure hardship on earth the morning light always eventuates. 

*On other days she finds her feet start dancing, twirling and swaying, her body moving to the music. She is covered in silken veils of red and orange that float for mile upon mile in the soft breezes that surround her. She knows a peace inside, that her children will be alright.

But ... each day she waits patiently 

*And while she waits she is preparing a place in her mansion to welcome her old friend, her love, her companion. She waits knowing that one day she will hear his voice as he walks through the door to greet her. 
Then they will sit on the arm chairs on the front porch and watch as heavens thousands of suns set, and they will say.

A love united never ends.

The Monet garden
The finest of silks and linens
Many grand masterpieces.
Many doors.
Is the lamb.
Some days she ski's on the snowy mountains
So white and blue
How are my children?
Dancing with miles of veils
Each day she waits
And waits
A thousand suns set.
Sunset over the ocean waves
Sunset over the Kaikoura mountains...where my mother lived and often witnessed these amazing sights.
Sunset on the grains of sand
Sunset through the clouds
Sunset so red
Softness and pastels, such variation and creativity in thousands of setting suns. The waiting will soon end as I watch your beautiful face welcome me on the shore.
Happy mothers day Mum.

I hope all the mothers have a rewarding and happy day. Our value is far above rubies and diamonds, we believe in the power and fortitude of the life giving mother.

I went over board with my images today, I wanted colour and fun and vibrancy for such an important day! See you next time. W

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Guest - Mike on Friday, 11 May 2018 22:22

The best yet. Soooo powerful suuuch a great image of heaven and how your Mum, our Toos, is sooo happy their
Exquisitely written
Beautiful captures
Awesome Pends

The best yet. Soooo powerful suuuch a great image of heaven and how your Mum, our Toos, is sooo happy their Exquisitely written Beautiful captures Awesome Pends
Saturday, 26 September 2020

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