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Happiness comes from giving and helping, not buying and having.


Giving and helping has been proven to improve your health and general well being.

Todays blog is taken from.. Happiness comes from giving

Today we have more "THINGS" than ever before and yet we are more depressed, sad, unhappy and anxious than at any other time in history.

From school age and onwards we are taught that wealth and well being go hand in hand. Research indicates quite the opposite. We should ignore the "Happiness means consumption" messages we are bombarded with each day of our lives. 

Helping other people can be a cure...NOT.. just for those who are in need, but for your soul as well.

by Marinela Reka

 The bible says..It is better to give than receive. 

I believe we are designed to connect and that connection means a giving of ourselves. I am not talking about giving and consequently placing our health and life in jeopardy of a break down. 

I am talking about a giving in which your own life is enriched. 

A sacrifice will often warrant a reward.  

If you are born selfish, like me, and I am sure you are not!! Giving is a thing to be tried, but... with caution. Here is my example.

When I was younger I believed I could solve the worlds problems, nothing was too hard for me, wisdom exuded from my mouth each moment I spoke. I also believed that people would listen to my profound wisdom and do whatever it was I was asking them to do. (I exaggerate slightly.)


Some years ago I was visiting a young woman on a regular basis who had mental issues and was on some 20 tablets a day for her various ailments. I soon tired of the fact that she remained in the same condition month after month, after my attempts at helping her. Consequently I ended the relationship with all manner of excuses which I am certain she never understood. I know this woman missed my friendship and wondered why I had terminated it.

This type of thing I have repeated at other times in my life. I had to ask myself, is my giving a help or a hindrance? Is my giving for her benefit or my own? Is my giving a natural part of my life?

As the years went by I discovered what I am adept at, and what pleases my soul, and I give out of that. Giving is now a pleasure and a huge delight. 

Not everyone gives in the same way. We can envy others if they have vast amounts of money to give, or perhaps they travel to far off lands and help those poor and needy countries.  We can even feel guilty that our giving is insignificant and worth nothing. 

My thoughts....GIVE regularly and often with genuine care and empathy in the way that is uniquely yours! 
White bird
Dark bird
Blue bird
The sea bird flying
The silent swan
Birds fly over oceans vast
Hooded plover runs
Sea birds waiting
Three paradise ducks fly over the mountains
Pink pelican
People fish in the Ardrossan waters
Beautiful pool on the beach
Birds fly home in the eve
Looking out

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Guest - tania Bailey on Sunday, 24 June 2018 05:11

You are definitely giving in a profound way!
Beautiful images and thoughts!

You are definitely giving in a profound way! Beautiful images and thoughts!
Guest - Wendy Philip on Wednesday, 27 June 2018 11:06

Thanks so much Tania. I think you are very kind, helpful and encouraging for me.

Thanks so much Tania. I think you are very kind, helpful and encouraging for me.
Monday, 19 November 2018

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