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Are you staying at home? 5 black and white art ideas to transform your walls.


Are you self isolating? 

Whoaaawwhh so much has happened in the last weeks. Fear, faith, don't touch this, don't do that, keep schools open.... no close schools, good leadership, no terrible leadership, many are sick, no not many are that ill, it's a terrible flu, nooo it's not so bad, quickly stock up, no you do not need to stock pile food or anything else, let's joke about this, no this is deadly serious....

It seems to me confusion is reigning supreme....

Is there a definite someone...a voice that rises above others and makes complete sense? An opinion that really counts, a heart without guile and no controversy required, an honourable guide in which the giant venting machine called Facebook cannot compete......? for me and my household we will serve the Lord and that means obeying the government.

We are:
*Self isolating, that's easy, I am an introvert and love quiet and space. 

*Not stockpiling that's easy, our house is soooo tiny I could not store an extra toilet roll if I tried. 

*Flattening the curve...that is not so easy, that curve from last nights pizza seems resilient to change.

If you are staying at home and working on flattening the curve, there is no better way to do this, than by eating less and putting up beautiful art on your walls.

Special reminders of holidays, perfect places, fun times, dreams, and happy memories.
Colour, life, visions and a created space for you to relax.
Walls that let you out, to run free in your imagination.

Here are 5 black and white art ideas to transform your walls!

​1. Small and cute.

These images are designed to catch the eye for a moment. 

Put this art in small spaces, on shelves or mantels. 

The images below are all size A4. You can either fill the frame or place a size A5 print in a bigger frame with a larger matt board. Use photos, cuttings, children's drawings, you can even press leaves and flowers and frame them. Have fun!

​2. Medium and mind blowing.

Mid sized prints or works of art which are often designed to fill a bigger space and make more of a statement. 

Above a chair, in between windows, in bedrooms where someone can gaze when they first wake up. 

These images are designed with more detail and they will hold someones glance for a bit longer than the "Small and cutes." These prints are for dreaming and seeing small details which one can ponder upon.

3. Large and LOUD !!

These prints need no introduction, they make a statement all on their own. 

No dreaming, gazing, or sighing, these images take you right to the centre of what is happening. 

You feel the pulses of life, you sense the depths of the darkness, you feel your whole body being located in unknown places.

Place these enormous prints in a place where they can be viewed at a small distance. On the floor is good or on a large wall in a larger room.

4. Group your prints.

For added effect put them in two's, three's, four's or even more.... 

This looks great and one must actually stop and study this type of arrangement. 

Not to be passed by and considered unimportant!! Try to create a flow, for example all horses or all outdoor beach scenes. 

Get them level and try the arrangement on the ground before you start putting holes in your walls.

5. The design 

Diagram below, I found this diagram to be a huge help in starting my art collection. Adapt it to your style and your home. (Courtesy Kara Rosenlund)

I hope you get a few ideas, you can check out my black and white prints for sale HERE

See you next time... W.

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