This is a continuation from my blog... "How to downsize with minimal fuss."           

 This blog "How to downsize with minimal fuss" was a scroll stopper.. to say the least. It was a cracking, absolute, ripper, best selling blog ever.,


Well no money changed hands, and I am still a poor penniless blogger, but it has the most reads of any of my blogs to date. This at least makes me feel important enough to do a sequel!

Settling in takes months, I still today, keep reorganising certain areas trying to fit things in, in a more precise way. My home is almost how I want it now. Although if you visit don't just sit yourself down in a chair you think is forever in a certain spot. Chances are it has been shifted to an even more certain spot!

* My images have a Christmasy theme as I am like the early bird, I seem to be looking for the worm way ahead of all others.
* I hope you find the Christmas decorating ideas useful. For me it is always difficult decorating in a hot climate over the Christmas season. Many ideas that we read about and see are for cold climates, but you can incorporate them into your lifestyle and home in a way that suits.
* I love candles and they look so cosy but year after year, I have to wait to light them till about 9.30pm... and then the ceiling fan blows them all out and then... they heat up the room more than you like... and then...and then... and then .....I just blow them all out and go to bed!
* I will do another Christmas blog in December. See you then. W.
Up early, no bed linen is too nice to stay in beyond a reasonable hour
Get the camera and start shooting. (Myself in the reflection.)
To the dressing room, time to get dressed.
Beautiful hallway hooks I purchased in Geraldine NZ.
Easy chair
Table in lounge
Painting by my daughter in law. This was a church in Urval France, which we visited many years ago.
Illegally stolen pampas grass. I saw these in a "Railways" designated area. TRESPASSERS WILL BE the sign. I counted the trains that had gone past and then climbed the fence with my trusty hidden pair of scissors. I was hacking away at the pampas grasses on a small cliff when unfortunately I had not counted for trains coming in the other direction. I simply did a friendly wave to all the passers by and then rushed back over the fence!
Bedroom in soft blue
The black and white mobile we made for the new born babe.
This years Christmas tree.
Christmas candles
Ocean theme for Christmas this year.
I used my own photographs as name tags for pressies.
Black star
Christmas stars in window
I have many stars as you can see, these Ikea stars will do for a few years yet.
I see the star
Fav chair and foot stool
Dining room
Old fallen leaves collected for Christmas
Making bird mobiles for outside festivities.
Lounge coffee table
Little houses in the window
Little houses
The blue room
Christmas tree.
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