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My top tips for finding art for your home.


Note to self and others... I am not a qualified art collector and I speak from my heart... 

1. Find art that you're drawn to. Don't overthink it. If you like it go for it.

2. Don't give a dam what anyone else thinks.

3. Art is personal, it should be about you, not them.

4. If it costs you something...PAY FOR IT!!
I used to sell both photographic prints and fine art prints. I would think that people must have a cheap option.
I don't think that now, after handling and putting fine art prints on my wall, the look and the feel and the depth of colour that a fine art print gives is far superior.
Seriously, SAVE if you have to, lift your vision, see yourself as someone who likes the best. Quality will always outdo cheap and inferior products.
Ok, ok, I know, you can't go overboard. I don't know about you but I am unable to afford top of the range for every single thing I buy.
I choose what I want to have good quality for and at other times it has to be an Ikea style quality product.

5. Art is about being frivolous and throwing caution to the wind.

6. Art is about a mood you want to protect and prolong. A feeling a whim, a longing, a memory, a place and space in time captured in a visual presentation.

7. Gather some information on the artist, this helps understand what you have purchased.

8. Collect a variety of artworks, Different textures, patterns, images, and styles.​

9. I tend to choose art that compliments my style of home. For example I would probably not buy a picture of an Indian teepee and then choose Morrocan tiles and a Russain style floor rug. Although having said that there truly are no rules!

10. Art provides inspiration, comfortability and a place to be yourself. When you choose a work of art make sure it speaks to your spirit loudly. When that happens you will never tire of this particular work of art.

11. Definitely save your own photography and get it printed off as a fine art print. It will mean so much more..... and go big. Print a huge print, they look awesome!!

12. You do not have to have all your paintings or prints framed. Canvas, wood, clips, and any thing you can think of to put your works of art around your house.

DID YOU KNOW?? God made the trees not only for useful reasons but also because "They were good to look at!"
Genisis 2.9. The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground--trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.

Creation is surely a spectacle of a mysterious, momentous, and magnanimous event. 

The artworks we collect are a reflection of creation. Timeless and a continued communication of life.

My house is fast becoming an art gallery
Fine art prints everywhere
My reading corner.
Prints in the looking glass
Prints with reflections
Prints by the laundry
Prints in dark spaces
Blurry prints
Prints by the grandchildren
Prints in awkward spaces with light switches all around

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