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Do you love the moon.

Do you love the soft, white and slightly ghostly light of the moon at night?

 Our lone moon is perfectly positioned to travel around our earth for our benefit and enjoyment.

Not too far to the left

And not too far from the right

Rising over the mountains

And rising over the seas

Rising over the harsh brownness

And over the trees

Without the moon, our axis would be altered and the earth would wobble significantly. We would probably lose our seasons and vast amounts of ice would be lost. 

Our animals and plants would suffer greatly. 

The changes to our climate would be notable and far reaching. 

Descending into the valley

Could the skier ski?

Could the surfer surf? Our tides and waves would be much smaller.

Calm waters could prevail

The earths rotation would speed up and a day would only be approx 8 hours long.  

The faster rotation would possibly cause strong winds to sweep over the earths surface.

Or wild winds

I'm thankful for the moon

Everything about the moon is perfect.

In tune with the sun, the atmospheres, humans, the animal and plant kingdom and God Himself.... what a remarkable feat.

Moon setting 4am in the morning.

The alarm clock struck 4 am and up I lethargically arose and headed to the beach. In the quiet calm of the very early morning, not a soul was to be distinguished. Not that I could see... as it was too dark, but I did find myself nervously and repeatedly glancing over my shoulder for a would be attacker. None came! 

With my camera steady I took my first ever (pic above, over exposed I might add) shots of the moon. What an addictive experience....why?... because of the moon lit atmosphere, the quiet, the ethereal magical vibe, the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, the warm tentative wind, the magnetic light before my eyes... what more can I say, it's to be experienced, perhaps not written about...

My most lasting and faithful love (humans not included of course) is the moon, I remember as a child longing to reach out and make friends with this heavenly body. Have I finally today made friends with the moon... honestly ...No! 

It would appear this love is one sided....

He is ever elusive, high and mighty, above all others, profound and vivid, everlasting and beautiful, and just out of arms reach!


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Guest - tania on Wednesday, 08 November 2017 09:53

Absolutely beautiful, Wendy! Amazing, enchanting photos!
you really are gifted!

Absolutely beautiful, Wendy! Amazing, enchanting photos! you really are gifted! Tania.
Guest - Wendy philip on Friday, 10 November 2017 23:55

Thanks so very much that is encouraging.

Thanks so very much that is encouraging.
Friday, 18 January 2019

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