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If you feel overwhelmed and tense, breathe deeply....

Breathing correctly and deeply certainly gives a feeling of well being and peace.

 When you plan to climb a mountain you breathe deeply anticipating the exhaustion and effort that is to come. 

When you climb a mountain you breathe deeply gasping for more oxygen to keep yourself going. 

When you reach the top of a mountain you breathe deeply to express joy and success. 

The breathing sustains you throughout the entire process.

So it is with life....I read recently that the only proven thing that will help you live longer and live a less stressful life... is the art of meditation and good breathing techniques.

When you reach that goal, the top of the mountain, it seems mandatory to take a huge breath of air. You feel euphoric, empowered, energised and happy.

Why not practise this technique at home when at the bottom of the mountain and experiencing the everyday drudgery and hardships that come your way. 

Job 33.4. The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives life.

Ezekiel 37.9 .. and breathe upon those slain that they may live.

Breathing and life go hand in hand. If you want more life, take more deep breaths, go a little slower, relax and focus on the good and noble things in this life.

Down south, wind, air, cold, clouds.
When I'm on the mountain..
The breath of life
The dark and the light
The winds of time
Evening lights
And so I gazed upon your beauty
And as the sun went down your breath came and rested upon my heart.

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Monday, 19 November 2018

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