Look again... what is it you are not will miss the blessing if you don't have a right perspective.‚Äč

When corruption, fear, guilt, abuse and negativity came into the world, the wow factor left.  

A right perspective enables you to see through the haze of the untold negative and harsh aspects of life. Bad stuff and tragedy happen to everyone, but when we loose our ability to see how precious and beautiful life is regardless of circumstances, we soon head into a valley of depression.

This year 2018 is about seeking out the wow factor from the simple ordinary everyday happenings.
I love these wocks!

Recently I watched as my granddaughter played with rocks, (Or wocks as she called them.) They were people, they had characters, they had shape, they talked, they were wonderful, exciting and intelligent rocks. She put them in rows, she put them in holes in the sand, she laughed at them and sometimes even frolicked with the rocks when a wave washed over them all. She picked all those rocks up at the end of the day and took them home in my car.
When we got home, I of course threw the rocks promptly in the garden. She screamed and begged me to not throw away her friends.

Many many things to a child are marvellous and new. Whereas we are bored and rushed and preoccupied. We could not give a toss for a silly rock. 

Sometimes the mundane, the boring and the trivial can be turned into the greatest delight. 

I have entitled my blogs for 2018 


I believe this to be an important aspect for the well being of our spirit, soul and body. 

When you wake up tomorrow, look out your window and look at that little brown sparrow hunting in the early morning for some crumbs and admire him deeply and say..."Isn't he just ridiculously marvellous!"

Simply beautiful a girl and some plain old seabirds
How vast and magnificent is this ocean??
People flock to the cool beaches
And so we chase the seagulls... so we can take photos of birds flying.
Way down below
I'm not here I'm swimming
Oh the ocean