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Pack the picnic we're headed for the hills

The holidays are coming, time to plan those drives, picnics, beach days, and yearly rituals.

My first recollection of a picnic was when I was about 5 years old and my rich girlfriend asked her Mum if she could invite the poor little ragged clothed, curly topped girl from down the hill to come along for the outing. That was me! 

She lived up the hill in a mansion and I lived down the hill in a farmers cottage.

I was told by my mother to bring my bestest manners, wash my face, tuck my unruly hair away and wear shoes for the day. If any notable or significant adult approached me I must immediately hide from them so they would not be alarmed by my wretched presence.

I of course have never forgotten any moment of that amazing, ever so precious day. 

We sat under the trees, the grass soft and green the atmosphere loaded with anticipation and a huge hum of happiness. 
The rather large mother of my friend, her voluptuous body clothed in layers of white frilly material, which fluttered each time she spoke and laughed, opened the boot of her pristine, fabulous, white Ford Fairlane and asked if I would like some bacon and egg pie and lemonade.

To a poor child like myself I truly thought the gong had sounded and I was indeed in heaven. God had chosen ME for this moment in time, I was convinced I had been transported into the world of the supernatural. Pie and lemonade what more could a poor kid ever want???

I said, "YES," as politely as I could, hoping that this was not an illusion.

Most happily it was no dream, I sat myself down in the languorous green grass and the kind, frilly bosomed mother handed me the most divine piece of bacon and egg pie and a crystal glass of pure bottled lemonade. No paper cups in them days!!

The impact was so profound on my tiny mind that I was to repeat this ritual forever and a day. 

Whenever our family has gone on a picnic from that day to this...we take a bacon and egg pie and a bottle of lemonade......ask any of my children they can repeat this story verbatim.

Don't forget your hat.
Paper cups did not exist.
Take some books
Bring a brolly in case of unexpected rain.
Tasting superb
I figured I must be in heaven.
Oranges and almonds
Mandarins from our own tree
My pie I quickly made for the photo shoot. It came out totally flat but the moment I tasted it.... I was out in the wilderness, surrounded by trees, fields and wildflowers having that picnic. Such strong memories are associated with food, tastes and smells.
Picnic? Sure can.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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