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Serving another person can help make you successful


Gather what falls by the wayside ...... a story from the bible.

The story of Ruth.. is a phenomenal story of a woman who chooses an extremely subservient role, and becomes very successful because of her decision. 
Ruth seems to be far from the type of woman we esteem as successful today. Today's woman is forthright, strong independent, relies on no one and is complete in herself. 
Ruth's role was that of total service to another, she saw her future linked with the heart and life of another woman, Naomi. 
I am not completely sure why her vision was so interconnected with another persons, but I believe one of the reasons is ... that Ruths spiritual side hungered for something Naomi had... A loving God, a life of grace and peace even though Naomi had suffered greatly. 

There is no harm in serving another... with a whole and pure heart. In fact it will set you up for a brilliant attitude and countenance in almost everything you do.

Take a trip to NZ... and you will learn a lot about serving. Due to the huge increase in tourism over the past few decades, New Zealand is now the epitome of grace, kindness and brilliant service.  Wherever we have travelled we have been served like kings and queens and believe me we eat out and take coffee a lot!!
Having a heart to serve is paramount to good success in your life. If you can serve others...others will serve you.

How do we do this?
Ruth sacrificed much of her life and put another persons well being before her own.
Ruth did what she was asked. 
Ruth put aside many of her own desires and wants. (Let me add here.. to do this to your own detriment may not be the wisest thing)

I said at the beginning...."Today's woman is forthright, strong, independent and relies on no one, she is complete in herself." Maybe this does apply to Ruth, maybe as she gathered what fell by the wayside, she learnt and grew and matured and became complete in herself. 

There is no harm in being opportunistic and diligent.

Fallen by the wayside
The grim reaper comes
No stalk left behind
The place of waiting
The day is at an end
Clouds of dust
We have gathered from the far corners of the earth
Towards the horizon

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