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Add a new dimension to your life...


To be able to change your mind, to be able to listen and see another's point of view and then convince yourself that their angle on life is worth a try. 

Some people are so set in their ways, so stuck in their principles, so self absorbed and set in concrete, they refuse help, advice, and a resulting repenting decision. 

Not saying of course that we need to be carried away with every wind of doctrine and be lead away by every fancy and whim.

When my mother was alive, she had this repenting attitude and it was such a pleasure to work with. Even if in the long run when you left the conversation she would forget it and do nothing about what you said, which did happen on occasions. However most times she would try to bring change into her world.

A thousand things come up in daily life that my Mum and I would talk about that sometimes caused her angst and uncertainty..

Often simple things which we all encounter...

*Someone offends you
*You dislike a habit of another
*You trip over and hurt your knee
*You get rejected at your art group
*You eat too much
*You drink to much
*Your spouse doesn't fold his clothes
*The dog next door barks for three hours
*Someone sings too loudly at church, and they happened to be standing right next to you
*Someone buys the last pie
*You slept badly that night
*Your child is sick
*You are sick
*You are too busy
*Someone sent you a nasty email
*No one liked your Facebook post

To all those dilemmas.... I would answer something similar to this to my Mum..

"Well perhaps they did not mean it..."
"You have to see things through God's eyes and forgive....."
"Perhaps tonight you will sleep better.." 
"Perhaps you should be a little more patient.....etc etc..."

Her response was always the same..I can hear her words clearly in my mind even right now...

"Oh do you think're right, I must do that!"

Never in all my years have I ever encountered another with this great attitude, most times people answer.... 

Well I don't care...I'm going to stick to my old ways... (They may not verbalise that, but this is their action.)

Repent means a change of mind.. to turn around and go in a new direction.

What a privilege that we have this opportunity in life! What a Godsend! What a benefit to us and our families! 

Imagine if we could not change a thing in our worlds... (I'm guessing you would like to live till you are 87.)

stuck in the same job for 87 years, 
same haircut for 87 years, 
same friends for 87 years, 
same outlook for 87 years, 
same clothes for 87 years.. (you may need a good seamstress to let the clothes seams out each year.)
same furniture
same home, 
same children, 
same vices, 
same husband, 
same recipes...Oh my goodness same recipes, we could be eating spaghetti forever!!

Try something new, try repenting, try taking your friends advise, try turning around...try that new haircut, try that new recipe, try listening instead of talking, try taking a different road home, try being nice to your neighbour....the world certainly looks sooooooooooooo different when you approach it from a different angle.

Many directions
Time to turn around, wandering is wavering
The stark reality is.....
Your footprints may just be
Limiting your life
Go ahead, try something new
Buy a house
Buy two
Find a boat
Take a cruise
Run, jump, surf, swim, skate, leap, go!
The fact is, when you turn around 180 degrees the world will look so differently wonderful.

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Guest - Mike on Monday, 26 March 2018 06:40

Great blog Pends and really nice shots

Great blog Pends and really nice shots
Guest - Tania Bailey on Sunday, 01 April 2018 09:49

Beautiful and profound again!
Stunning photos! I would have liked to meet your Mum. She sounds awesome!

Beautiful and profound again! Stunning photos! I would have liked to meet your Mum. She sounds awesome! Tania.
Saturday, 26 September 2020

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