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Under the Tuscan sun in an Aussie back yard.


 In Australia, "The great Aussie back yard" is where most of us live half our lives. Barbys, swims, cricket, sun tanning, gardening, drinking, eating and being merry. The main reason is the sunshine hours in this land are second to none. In fact South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent in the world. With that in mind we must see a lot of the sun!! And we do! 

Getting outdoors and creating a green space is therapeutic, healthy and productive.

Just how can you get that Tuscan feel in an Aussie backyard?

Well it's quite simple really.... 

You will need: 

*A space outdoors: 

- with enough warmth and a view you can enjoy. Not too noisy, and not too breezy. Check the prevailing winds and choose the best side of your home. 

In winter I lie in a special spot and gaze at a tree and marvel at the birds as they come and go. I have an umbrella which can be moved as the sun moves. 

In summer we move out under the pergola on the Western side of the house as the heat here can be intense.  

Watching the birds come and go at sunset.


- Cactus, olive trees, grasses, lavender bushes, and white flowers and green vines in abundance. Fruit trees in pots or in your garden are a sure winner. 

We also have a vegetable garden with every type of herb you can think of. I am certainly not a green thumb, I simply buy small plants, read the instructions and put them in the ground.

Carex grasses
Mandarin tree with vegetable garden beneath. And washing line number 2 in the distance.
The active landscapers tools.


In your Tuscan space anything old wooden, cane or steel can be used, just put throw rugs and cushions around to add charm and warmth.

Table and chairs are vital as coffee, wine and food are a major part of every Tuscan diet!! 


Lanterns and candles.

Other ideas:


Always look smart leaning or hanging in your backyard

Pots or vases:

Plain and simple, clay or concrete with or without plants in them, they certainly add a natural and cosy feel.

Coffee tables:

You can use old tree stumps, old children's furniture, old inside furniture that you want to get rid of.


Sun dials,

Bird baths,

Outdoor shower: 

We would not be without one of these.

The list goes on... 

Setting sun

Have what you love and love what you have. 

Balance and creativity, while letting your senses roam free will take you to places you never dreamed of and all in your own back yard!!

I have edited my images with that old vintage style which is created in Color Efex. I used Lightroom and Photoshop. 

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Guest - Jacqueline (Netherlands) on Monday, 03 August 2020 11:39

Beautiful back yard Wendy much more space than mine ? Nice pics!

Beautiful back yard Wendy much more space than mine ? Nice pics!
Guest - Wendy philip on Tuesday, 04 August 2020 05:57

Thank you Jacqueline

Thank you Jacqueline
Guest - Leah on Tuesday, 04 August 2020 05:04

Beautiful blog Wendy!

Beautiful blog Wendy!
Saturday, 26 September 2020

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