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A quick and simple guide to make your autumn photos more beautiful

Autumn colours are rich and yet muted, often strong but with depth and warmth.

Deep red, dark orange, dark brown, yellow and shades of dusky pink. In Adelaide autumn is the best time of the year, golden colours, warm evenings and some welcome rain. 

To capture the essence of autumn here is my simple fun guide to ensure you have the best photos in town!

Firstly I suggest you choose a day with very little sun.  On a cloudy day you will be able to show the richness and depth of colour that the season of autumn is renowned for.

Start by looking down. Don't be afraid to arrange and place leaves where you want them. I arranged these wet leaves on the road to show space and texture.
On the road again.
Look for houses surrounded by dead leaves bare trees and the residue of a long hot summer.
Mt Lofty, Adelaide Hills.
Through the long grass and the dead trees.
Frame your subject with leaves. Shoot through the leaves having them inches from your camera but your subject quite a long way away. Put your camera on aperture mode and set at approx f2.8 - f4.5, this will help you get a beautiful blur in the foreground. Make sure you focus on the distant object and not on the leaves.
Bull through the dark green leaves.
And it rained and rained.....A small river of water and a paper boat. I focused the camera on the boat through the red leaves.
Garden seat in the mist and rain. Mt Lofty Botanic gardens
Get up close and take shots of just the leaves. So very bold and colourful.
Raindrops keep falling on my head.
Misty and rainy.
Red umbrella. In this shot the camera has an aperture of around 2.8 and I focused on the leaves, not on the umbrella.
Don't forget to convert some to black and white. Leaves especially look good all white against a darker background.
Water and leaves.

Have fun and don't forget to take a rain coat...  Wendy. 

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Thursday, 19 September 2019

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