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Mannum, South Australia


On a recent trip to Mannum, I noticed a proliferation of birds. Thousands of them, noise, colour and the air filled with flapping wings. If you enjoy Australian birds this is definitely a place to visit. Such a beautiful sight. 

This quiet town is an hour or so from Adelaide and sits on the edge of the Murray River. 

I think the most special and relaxing thing we did was to sit and watch the sunset and the moon rise on the banks of the river. I photographed some of the bird life as the sun was going down. The children played on there bikes and the men cast their lines for some fish for dinner..

The sun begins to go down and the air seems to be alive with life.
The king of the tree stump arrives...look out you little ones!
Phew made it, and got rid of those little flying critters
Peace. I'll just sit and watch the sun go down.
Are you serious? A contender for my tree stump, well what I can't see won't hurt me!
Hmm, sun turning a nice gold
Birds below
On second thoughts I'm not sharing my tree stump with anyone!
I'm back, I couldn't find anything higher or better!
Did you miss me?
Yes I did.
Lovely view.
Golden moments.
Quite lovely to catch the pelican and the moon rising.
The birds have flown home the dusk descends and the magic of the night awaits.
Murray River


The day bought different sights and sounds. The constant chatter of the birds, lonely jettys and boats hiding till the next summer. A really enjoyable weekend.

A time for reflection. Simply gazing and enjoying the wildlife.

​See you next time. W.

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