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Tales that could be told around Lake Clearwater

That Lorax....the guardian of the forest woke me at 5.30am on an ice cold morning. We were on holiday camped by a beautiful lake when I heard him outside making strange beckoning noises.
I put on my regular thneeds and my thermo thneeds and thwo pairs of pants, and thsix hats.
I picked up my camera and made my way down the hill.
I followed the sound... was it here, was it there, it could have been anywhere?

Whilst out and about I noticed some barbaloots eating all shapes and sizes of fruits.

I gasped in utter dismay, don't tell me, don't say, it could not possibly have happened this way, have they returned this very day! 

If there are barabaloots then there must be trufulla trees for them to eat.
For everyone knows that barbaloots live on the delicious purple fruit of the trufulla tree. 

If you remember long, long ago the greedy Once-ler cut down every trufulla tree known to mankind. For not only does the trufulla tree produce beautiful purple fruit it also has the softest hair which makes the finest of thneeds. And so by and by, in not much time at all really, the Once-ler began producing thneeds to sell to every eager and cold thneed buyer. Thneeds were possibly the warmest thing known to mankind at that time.

Sadly the Once-ler gave no heed to global conservation. He polluted the rivers and streams with his huge factories, and even more sadly cut down every single trufulla tree

And although we never really knew for sure, but we were kind of sure, for sure's sake only, that there may just have been one tiny seed left to a young person named Ted.

But I am sure, that I can be very sure, that Ted planted that seed right here by this lake..Lake Clearwater. So thank heavens I took my camera with me because I began photographing trufulla trees. Little ones and big ones, soft ones and silky ones, bronze ones and silvery ones. Trufulla trees everywhere!

Ted's seed has grown and multiplied and the fruit of his labours are evident all around me. 

Although I never saw the Lorax, Ted told me that recently they had spoken quite a lot, and the Once-ler has just one request..... 

If you are struggling with greed
Which could so easily turn into a thneed 
Just find a viable seed.
And plant it with great speed.

At 5.30am I trekked towards the lake.
Is it possible?
Cold and frosty
Could it be?
In the distance for sure.
Could those purplish plants be food for the barbaloots?
YES it's barbaloot fruit, the trufulla tree has returned!!
Ice cold water, but still they grow.
The lakes are looking clear again.
So very beautiful.
Silver ones.
Trufulla trees
The birds are even returning, black dots in the branches...
And ducks can be found once again in the lakes.
A home for the wildlife.
And may the trufulla tree stretch out and grow in all places and all lands.

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