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What would we do if there were no animals on the planet?

Many things in and on our earth help me to find meaning from everyday life. My photography is an incredible tool to help with this and recently while looking at some swans I realised how amazing animals and birds were!!  

Animals contribute to our earth in a most unique and wonderful way.

Imagine, if you would, an earth with no animals!! 

We would all be vegetarians 

We would all be lonely. 

The grass would be so tall we would not see each other. 

No birdsong would ever fill the air. 

No farmers, no vets, no doggy day care.

No king of the jungle, infact all African safaris would be cancelled.

No poachers, and no controversy surrounding this.

No sheepskin rugs, no snakeskin handbags and no mink coats.

Insects would be out of control as their enemy has disappeared.

No nasty chicken coops and inhumane slaughter houses.

No fishing. No swimming with dolphins or watching whales.

No barking dogs, or foxes eating chickens, or rats causing plagues.

No Green Peace, or RSPCA for us to support and give money to. 

David Attenborough would be out of a job.

No circus, in fact no horses at the Olympics, and no dog or cat shows.

No animal or bird photographers.

Children would suffer stuffed toys!

No animal story books.


No comfort at home at the end of the day from the soft hair of a dog or cat. 

Well I am not an avid animal lover, but they are a huge necessity and pleasure, for which we have to be thankful for. They are marvellous in every way and I hope we appreciate their value in our lives.

Oh that men would praise the Lord for His wonderful works to all humanity!! Psalm107.21.

And so I take my camera and watch and wait......

The setting sun dances on the surface of the lake as the swans come out to play
They glide out in total serenity and calm.
The black swan indeed has a place on earth.
Watchful but not afraid.
Noble and a little posh
Those necks.
Blue glow
Surrounded by mountains
In flight
Dry hills
A mate to live with in the lake.
The lake alive with life.
The courting
And the necking.
In black and white.
In black and red.
See you next time. W.

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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth.