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There is a way to focus on the good things in life.

There is always a way...never say never! Struggles come and struggles go.
We all live with good and bad.
But your mind is the key to living a more peaceful life.

Social media is criticised for portraying a world that is idealistic and beautiful. People post only the good days, the good photos and the good times. Social media then... is all fake. Parts of us are revealed, but only the parts we want others to see. A fake portrayal of a very small aspect of our lives.!?

Well I must be weird because I would rather see other peoples good times, their happy moments and their best photographs with their nicest smiles.

I cannot see the point in dwelling on the bad and negative situations in life. No more can I sit and watch the morbidity of the news hour on television. My mind is more useful and valuable to me than to make it watch endless murders, rapes, suicides etc....

A mind is a tool to be trained and taught about where it must go and where it may not go.

Why not train our mind to help others get out of their unhappy circumstances and desperate situations.

Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6.34 

SOME DAYS I leave everything behind and head for a place of peacefulness, I focus on the good all around me....

And so I travelled to the places where there was no worry. I took my camera and headed for my fav beach. I planned to take many happy, fake selfies on the sea shore..... 

When I arrived at my destination I looked over the hill and down into the valley and it was covered in purple flowers. (Blueweed or Salvation Jane) from one end to the other, a haze of purple!

I wandered down the steep slopes then set up my camera, put it on timer and spent an hour or two taking all those, happy, snappy selfies. The butterflies danced, the sheep chewed, the kangaroos hopped and the ocean roared in the background. (I never got over to the beach, the purple field held me in a trance like vice!)

For a moment in time I am transported away from the mundane, the sadness, the unpleasant happenings of everyday life. I am in a valley of purple dreams with wisps of clouds drifting past and butterflies tapping me on my shoulders. I am me having fun and enjoying the sunshine. This place has no end and no beginning, it is a taste of heaven, a place to remind ourselves that no worry lasts forever, no unhappiness is eternal. 

As I think about the good things in life, they become more of a reality, they become achievable, they loom in front of me, a dream waiting to be stepped into.

There lying in the sun was a happy and fake sheep.
Did you post any selfies on facebook today?
And only nature could do this.
I set up my camera
And I ran away from it while the shutter clicked.
The wind blew
And the kangaroos hopped.
Selfie after selfie
I have my head in the clouds, I refuse to see the things that are not good.
To not worry, is to focus on the good
Look for the good.
It's all around you.
Help I can't find my phone in this colossal patch of flowers. I need to post a selfie....
Transported to another world.

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Guest - jmeyersforeman on Thursday, 18 October 2018 13:54

beautiful images, you so gently remind us that our life and our response to what is happening is our choice, that beauty is all around us. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Jmeyersforeman

beautiful images, you so gently remind us that our life and our response to what is happening is our choice, that beauty is all around us. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Jmeyersforeman
Monday, 19 November 2018

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