The beaches in South Australia are isolated, clear, blue, warm, and simply amazing.

As I have lazed and spent days frequenting the beaches in and around Adelaide these last few weeks, it has given me time and space to plan, dream and think.. 

The beaches and ocean along our coastline are pristine, and immense. Very often you are the only one on the beach, miles of sand and not another soul in sight. 

We have beaches for surfers, beaches for sunbathers, beaches for birds and beaches for boats. 

I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Here are a few shots I have taken over the holiday period.

Hallett Cove beach
Seagulls Moana beach.
Sunlight on the sand
Grasses through the setting sun
Family time at the beach
Surfer at Yorke Peninsula
Port Noarlunga beach, fishing till dusk
Flock of birds and fishing boat.
Hallett Cove beach
Seabirds resting for the night
Chinamans Hat Island Yorke Peninsula