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A gauzy apparition appeared from the side of the road...

Yorke peninsula has some startling surprises.

On our way to one of the many beaches in Inneston National Park, I noticed an extremely bright and white mirage out in the countryside in the distance. The boys headed for the surf and I took note of the location and ventured back to this white mirage. It was a cloudy day and the white was so white... well I have been on many a snow field and this seemed even whiter than that!!.

Ha ha I was blinded by the light!

I believe this was an old gypsum mine and was used by the farmers to help with their soil. In some countries it is used for plaster board.​ 

The abandoned mine is now a location for the local ducks...many of which wore heavily darkened sunglasses??!!

A gauzy apparition of soft watery hues .....

A sea of soft green.
A unique array of colours
Sometimes in life, you stumble upon....
the most unlikely and most incredible happening.
A sight to behold.
Like nothing you have ever seen before.
And so we followed the light.
Light, light and more light
Reflections of the past.
Plants to dramatically contrast with the white.
Growing beside the lake side
Softest of soft blue
We dwell in a strange land
An island to oneself
On the edge I remain
Life abundant
A desolate landscape
Hills of gypsum
By my side
The past is gone and I remain with many secrets and tales which may never be told again.

​A most unique and memorable spot. Our landscape is full of hidden meaning and stories. "The spiritual landscape."

See you all next time...I hope your Christmas preparations are going to plan and that you are having happiness and peace.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

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