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Wisdom is justified by her children

Back to the winter snow we go...

​Who among us has wisdom, who among us can apply that wisdom... with wisdom?

Wisdom created the universe
The universe was commanded to produce after its kind
The children of wisdom take on the traits of their parents.
In the image and likeness of wisdom they are created
They were formed and shaped
Wise and pure with love and care
A sight to behold
Varied and unique
With pin point accuracy and measure
Before the foundations of the world the children of wisdom were planned
Out of the deep they came
With certainty they came
But we were nowhere to be found, we were not seen, we did not understand and we could not comprehend the infinite wisdom that shaped and is still shaping our world.

I am startled and often amazed that wisdom begs an audience, but we can be so busy we do not hear her voice or answer her call. Take a look around you, is not the smell of a cool breeze over a snowy mountain a revelation to the soul and spirit?

See you next week Wendy.

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Guest - Mike on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 06:53

Great blog

Great blog
Thursday, 18 October 2018

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