In pursuit of the eternal...finding meaning in everyday life.

How to find the wow factor in life.

Look again... what is it you are not will miss the blessing if you don't have a right perspective.

When corruption, fear, guilt, abuse and negativity came into the world, the wow factor left.  

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The winds of for 2018

I love the sand dunes of Australia... I think that the days of our lives are similar to the winds blowing across the desert plains. 
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A Christmas thank you to you all

Christmas is a time for..... gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness.
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From the cliff top


 Yorke Peninsula has some astounding beaches with massive cliffs, which wind around the entire peninsula. Great for walks and you can stop to swim along the way.

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An Australian white Christmas.

Each year I go in search of an Australian white Christmas.

This year I passed an old used gypsum mining site. Being in the middle of miles of soaring golden wheat fields, it stuck out like a blinding light from the heavens.

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