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Too busy to die!


A few years ago I met an older woman who was just too busy to die!

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Turning 180 degrees will add a dimension to your life you never imagined possible...


To be able to change your mind, to be able to listen and see another's point of view and then convince yourself that their angle on life is worth a try. 

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Colour your world


The earth seems to be, a forever changing myriad of colours. We humans love it and without colour our world would be black, doom, gloom and darkness. Imagine for a second a world with no colour.... What would replace colour??? I have no answer...

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9 simple pointers for taking great outdoor self portraits. (selfies.)


This weeks blog is about making a great photograph of yourself. My husband took the shots of me below (after, of course strict instructions from myself.) and I love them, it made me feel special and gave me such a thrill to see myself with some of Gods spectacular landscapes surrounding my being.

Your photo does not have to be a close up of your face...try something different, think outside the box, experiment, be creative, go crazy, do something wild.....

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What can salt add to your life?


We are sometimes referred to as "salt" therefore we are called to let our lives enhance and give meaning to this existence we call life. 

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