In pursuit of the eternal...finding meaning in everyday life.

What can salt add to your life?


We are sometimes referred to as "salt" therefore we are called to let our lives enhance and give meaning to this existence we call life. 

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Adelaide to Port Lincoln yacht race.


And so we got up at 5am to see what we could see. When we arrived at the Cape Spencer viewing point, all we saw were lights twinkling below us with the eerie sound of water lapping and waves softly hitting the unseen rocks. Slowly as the morning dawned our eyes could focus on the beautiful scene before us......

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Serving another person can help make you successful


Gather what falls by the wayside ...... a story from the bible.

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The sights and sounds of an authentic Australia Day


Every single Aussie is likely to hit the beaches, armed with beers, barby and a brolly on our annual Australia day. The temperature soars and the beaches are filled with sun soaked bodies! The night is crowned with a superb sunset and fireworks in the distance. 

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Why search for an unknown God?


The search for an unknown God

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