Inspired to live simply

What happened to me, when did I suddenly grow up and become a complaining adult?


I swear there was a frost this morning in Adelaide. I live by the coast and we supposedly live frost free.

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Why new born baby's love black and white?


They cannot focus adequately until they are approx 6 months old... especially on colour. 

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Stopping on the side of the road for a beer!


When you notice the sun beginning to set and it's beer o'clock make sure you have your camera handy.‚Äč 

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What would we do if there were no animals on the planet?


Many things in and on our earth help me to find meaning from everyday life. My photography is an incredible tool to help with this and recently while looking at some swans I realised how amazing animals and birds were!!  

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How to make your home look good with black and white pics.

My most favourite of all framed pictures have always been black and whites. I remember as a young child gazing at my Aunties framed pictures in her home in Christchurch, New Zealand and loving them. I would dream of the day I could have a home with beautiful pictures like hers.
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