My home and life around me.


Please come in and have a look around. My home is my safe place, a place to do the things I want, when I want and how I want. I have always loved houses and will spend my money and time making my home just how I like, pleasing to the eye and the senses.

We have recently just moved into a very small, old, spanish style seventies home. We are slowly doing it up and intend on living here a very long time. I have decorated my home with my own photographic prints, some of which I have put below. Dreamy cloudy images, cool beachside scenes and green misty forests, all great ways of adorning your bare walls.


Remember to keep those shots you take with your camera, they may just be the thing you can convert into a stunning black and white image to make your place feel cosy and bright!



Grab a coffee and browse, get ideas, relax, read, dream, design your space to suit YOU!

Coffee and a magazine

Table ans scarf


Pampass framed3

A corner 

Fav print

Beach scene framed

  Framed Birds and moon






Wow downsizing is difficult. I am the master of organising things into small spaces now. Our old home was gothic and like a church. High ceilings and large spacious rooms. Cool, empty and dramatic. We have moved into a much smaller space, in fact when you get out of bed, you walk into the wall. Lately I am getting used to it and managing to avoid a bump on the head each morning.



My style is simple, slightly Scandanavian, very warm, cosy, bright, light and so easy to maintain.



House Lounge and white couch

House black and white pears

House hallway

House study table 

   House bedroom with linen duvet

House table and chair

House dining room

House hallway with church pic

House kitchen  

House small bedroom

House white candles

House lounge





Hi, my name is Wendy Philip.

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