An adventure around the lake?

An adventure around the lake?

There is a place where everything is soft. Endless peace, tranquility and a beckoning that reaches deep into your soul. You must get to this place immediately, but there is a vast expanse over cold, silver waters seperating you and this world. It is just too deep and too wide to cross. So you sit down and resign yourself to  "Life on the other side."  

Mt Lofty Botanic gardens in winter

Out of nowhere come a group of golden birds seamlessly flying across the lake. You jump up and think, if they can fly across so can I. You flap your arms vigourously but to no avail you just can't seem to get that lift into the air like a bird does and it's not because you ate too much last night.

 You realise this is an impossibility but after a long time of sitting on the edge getting very cold, a new thought and a great resolve come on the inside of your soul, you put on some trekking boots and begin to walk around the edge of the lake. You journey through ice and mud, slush and water, you walk around rotting logs and alligators lurking in the dark, you are exhausted and tired but you just keep going and going and going. Eventually with much perserverance and patience the beauty and magic of the world across the lake appear on the horizon, it's incredible, all you ever imagined it would be. You roll around in the grass and laugh and a peace fills your mind. All things are possible if you just believe. There is always a way around, there is always a way to the other side, we may not have wings, but we have legs and a thousand other capabilities that empower us each and every day. Resourceful and ingenious the human being was created for great and wonderful things.

Nankeen night heronSeamlessly they float across the lake.

In the forestIn the forest..... I keep walking till I get to the other side.

The images were shot at the Mt Lofty Botanic gardens. The birds...  Nankeen night herons.

See you all next time. WPP

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