Anything can be harmful, if you let it.

Anything can be harmful, if you let it.

Quote. The lazy person says, "There is a lion in the road, there is a lion in the streets!" Like a door turning on its hinges the lazy person turns over and over in bed.

Proverbs 26.13.

Take a carrot, nice, friendly, grows quietly and unobtrusively in your garden, full of vitamins and minerals, but if I picked that carrot up and threw it with great force at your eye, it could blind you. 

From that day on you would hate carrots, you would be tormented by dreams and painful memories.  A fear of anything orange flying through the air would completely unravel you. You would avoid carrots and I doubt they would ever grace your garden again. 

Take Facebook, nice friendly, growing quietly on millions of people's screens daily. Full of likes, comments and happy stories. But if you became addicted to likes and all those inane stories, if you used it to exploit others or if you joined in with the band of vicious Facebook warriors, who make scathing comments about articles they disagree with.... I don't think it would be good for you.

AND BESIDES.... Mark Zuckerburg I have heard, has all your information at his finger tips, he knows all about you... in fact I've even heard it said, "Why should he run for Presidency when he has far more power and control at his finger tips than any other human on earth." 

My point...if you are afraid, then you are afraid!! Fear will run and ruin your life. Fear is believing something awful will happen tomorrow. 

But guess what, tomorrow never comes!! 

Fear paralyzes you into inactivity today.

I use social media as an example because I have always been a little afraid of it. Recently I have realised what a great tool it is, if you use it wisely. 

‚ÄčThere is no lion in the streets, he is in your thoughts. 

And even if there was a lion, or a monster consuming Zuckerburger, face him and get on with your life.

This week we took a trip down to Goolwa and I photographed the early morning mist on the Murray river. Tiny birds were flying everywhere, if you look closely you will see some perched on the jetty.

Whispers of wind in the reeds
Early morning and all is calm.
Tiny birds play in the morning mist

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