Don't compare yourself with others.

Don't compare yourself with others.

Is this obvious or what?? So then why do we constantly do it?

For me sometimes it's insecurity about what I am doing... Will others like this? Will they criticise? Will they shout me down or steal my idea? Are they scornful or laughing at me??? No most times others are not that interested in you, and if they laugh at you or gossip about you, that’s their problem and certainly not yours. 


But sometimes it's not insecurity about myself, it's that I love what other humans do, and how they look, and what they produce, or how they present themselves, I want to be like them!! So many others seem brighter, bolder, smarter, more successful, happier, more cheerful, more productive, more, more ....and the list goes on...


When I look at my own work I guess I am familiar with it and have seen the process and have worked on it over and over, so the freshness has gone. When I look at someone else’s, it's new, I have not seen the process or the countless hours of work they have put into it. So what a pointless exercise comparing is, because they are thinking the same about your/my work.


What YOU are doing is fresh, and new, and exciting and inspiring. What a revelation, we need never compare again. Is it really that simple? Well you know I think it is….. 

To compare, is to rob yourself of the glory of the unique you. No-one is like you or me. No-one can compare, not one single other human is even remotely like you.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, perfected and being perfected day by day, maturing and growing into something that can never be replicated or repeated.

Your work stands alone. On its own, in all its splendour and beauty. You are the final judge and if your passion is true and pure and you have done your best, you alone can judge it to be perfect.

Look up

Sarah bent

 Look to yourself, the unknown and the beautiful


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Is this obvious or what?? So then why do we constantly do it?

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