How to stay hungry for the things you want in life.

How to stay hungry for the things you want in life.

The workers hunger helps them, because their desire to eat makes them work

 Proverbs 16.26

I am taking part in a challenge in which we use a gift or talent each day for 50 successive days. 

‚ÄčI have chosen the most simple of exercises... I edit and then post an image (theme winter) on Facebook for 50 days. My passion is to get better at the things I love to do. So simple and yet so difficult, however I am already tiring and running out of steam...

With photography it is easy to get discouraged very quickly. 

I am sure it is this way for so many things we do in life.

The secret to getting to where you want to go, is staying hungry

When you overeat you become full and cannot look, even a marshmallow in the face with pillow like delight. The once enticing marshmallow has now turned on you, leaving you incapable of any good thing, distant and unresponsive, unproductive and just plain all round fat and full to overflowing!

My tips on how you stay hungry:

*Pace yourself, that means not stuffing yourself with too much. It's the info age, but so much of that info is a total waste of time. Have your sifters on and sift out the things that do not help you get to where you are going.

*Keep learning......"You will never know everything there is to know..ever!" 

*Look at others who are ahead of you and learn from them. This will keep you humble and remind you that you have a lot of space in your mind waiting to be filled with good habits and good wholesome knowledge.

*Keep a diary to track your progress. When you express yourself it is like a steam valve, all that wonderful creative thinking pours onto paper for future reference. Quite an emptying experience really!

*Practise, practise, practise. Practise is one of the joys of life when you love what you do, you will come home worn out and quite drained, another very emptying experience!

*Find, seek, search for the things you love in life. I constantly look for opportunities to photograph, I look at the world through different eyes, I have never appreciated this world so much. I gaze endlessly out windows looking for new and interesting cloud formations, I look for the changes each season so liberally throws at our senses, I wonder and am amazed at the ocean waves relentless pitching, I cannot fathom how a bird flies, how a sun sets, how a moon shines, how a yacht sails, how the grasses blow and whirr in the wind. My mind is hungry for more.... 

If you are empty you can be filled. 

Anyone ready to go yachting?
Climb aboard lets get going!
Just the two of us.
Early morning rower. Murray river.

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