The magical forest

The magical forest

We went on an adventure just we two, we packed our lunches, umbrellas and drinks cause we knew the weather was treacherous and the forecast was for fog. 

This was the adventure of all adventures, the dream of all dreams, the trek of all treks, we were off to the Adelaide Mt Lofty Botanic gardens. We arrived and the fog was thick with a wild wind blowing and I remembered something my kindy teacher had told me. “If the wind gets strong it just could be a tornado??


The trees looked spectacular as the autumn colours had not yet been killed off by the winter cold.

 Spectacular trees

We wandered off to find the track to the top of this beautiful magical forest, the fog seemed to clear, only now covering the high parts of the park.

Under my umbrella

We began our ascent to the summit, spotting trees and hearing the eerie long shrill calls of birds like the currawong and then the laugh of the kookaburra echoing across the forest. But I was not afraid I held onto my umbrella and thought strong “Don’t be scared thoughts.”

Forest ceiling

As we neared the summit the fog once again drifted down lower, and the trees also became dense and very wet with dew and raindrops. Strange plants hung from the ceiling of the forest, 

 Dark dead tree trunks

and dark trunks sometimes blocked our way. But we pushed on through the heavy atmosphere. 


Eventually we spied a gazebo, dark wet and cold, it looked ever so lonely. Could we risk stopping here or would that killer tornado strike again. But we were exhausted we needed a rest. So we sat on the damp cold seats and got out our lunch.

The spy

We ate in silence and watched a black crow come out of nowhere to spy on us. We sat very close together and we knew we were safe because when you sit that close to someone else you just know everything is OK. 

Forest canopy

We were quick to depart and leave the gloom of the crow and our eating spot. So we began our descent trying hard to remember which way we had come. Lost unthinkable?

Path in the mist

But just where was that familiar path? We heard the whispering cackling sound of a stream, is that stream laughing at us, or is he calling and guiding us down the hill to safety? 

Haunted castle

Suddenly we spotted a clearing and I gasped as my eyes come upon a magical haunted castle. I know it was haunted because dragons and fairies live in that castle and come out when no-one can see them. From our viewing point we could see the bottom and the path to lead us down the hill.

We hurried on down stepping over leaves and moss, and stones and uneven terrain knowing that the inquisitive crow and any dragons who may be peeping out of the haunted castle windows, were now faraway. 

 Serene ducks

Finally we came to the calm pond at the bottom of the hill with some quiet serene ducks basking in the fog. Last photos were taken and I played and sang songs on the waters edge while thinking what fun I had had today. 

Magical woods

Can you find me? If you look very close you may just see me in my magical forest. Well Harry Potter eat your heart out the Adelaide Botanic Gardens are way scarier than any of your movies! 

Waters edge

Hmm yes I think I'll come on another adventure again another day, cause I know if you are with me we will always find a way!

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