What I have learnt in my sixties.

What I have learnt in my sixties.
Grab a glass of wine and let me share my most profound life secrets with you. 

Camping grounds are now filled with grey haired baby boomers . 

Walkways are now dotted with dog poo's. 

Bring a device to a night out otherwise you will be lonely all evening. 

* Love social media but don't get caught in any controversial issues. If you break this rule you will get severely and profoundly hammered by one million and one Facebook warriors

* Your opinion is a squadron of words in your head that is very often far from Gods truth. 

* The words. ...."Huge Congrats".... mean, I can't be bothered writing anything longer to you, my fingers and thumbs will get tired. Or it could mean I'm a teen who can't spell yet! 

* Lol is no longer "Lots of love."  Love has been replaced by loud laughter. 

* Hollywood movie stars now pretend they are politicians, but it's all just a big act!! 

The queen is amazing, I never much liked her sense of dress but what longevity of character and soundness of mind. 

There are no longer places you can go on earth and not find a chocolate wrapper. 

* Facebook ensures you have hundreds of birthday well wishers. Well I took my name off the Facebook birthday list and thought..." Now we will find out who my true friends are?" I had absolutely none! That is a true story, not one single birthday wish! I was actually happy... I didn't have to answer all those insincere, fake well wishers!!! Nope the truth is...I cried one quarter of a day! The other three quarters was spent cheering my old lonely self up!

* Bikini bottoms have shrunk, or girls bottoms have grown. 

* Sick now means.. "This is sooooo awesomely cool, I feel like chucking up!"

Australia has the best and most magnificent beaches in the whole wide world. 

* Help someone else often. 

* A birds song is beautiful.

* When you reach your sixties coffee is great for waking you up and wine is fine for making you fall asleep at night.

* The iCloud is here to stay, I don't know who, or where, or what it is ....

* Don't ever, ever, ever, ever and I repeat ever be the first to build in a new subdivision!! One hundred barking dogs, five shrieking parrots, three teenagers with hotted up chevy engines, and two air conditioners placed on the side of the fence nearest to you will all move in around you, not to mention one very loud Scottish family, who live all summer long in their backyard!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh, and I am not crazy because of this cacophony! 

Spouses are often not right, find your own answers, and find yourself in the process, but still love them lots! 

Computers save you so much time, but when one tiny thing goes wrong it takes all day to locate it and fix it. So much swearing seems to happen during this period. 

* I totally cannot get into reality shows they annoy me so much, within seconds I am yelling at the TV. "That's not reality, that's fake!!" I still watch repeats of Frazier, Friends and Seinfeld and still laugh. Especially If you have had an operation or two or three or four or ten......and a few serious hospital diagnoses you will enjoy laughter a whole lot more . 

* There are always two sides to every story, I don't believe either, they are very often both lying.

There is a tool out now to help you watch videos and pod casts at double speed... I just don't watch them at all as they slow me down too much. 

* I hear regularly.."Live with no regrets."I totally don't get that, I say...Regret lots and then don't make the same silly mistake twice. 

* Life is fragile. Hold on with all your might.

Well I think thats it!   Like .... Life begins at like sixty, huge congrats, lol, omg!! Like I love being like sixty!!! 

I am only two years into my sixties and I think they have been the best two years yet. Seriously tho...I am loving life and enjoying each and every day.

Love and enjoy every day!
She stands alone in her regal and defining manner.
The Great Ocean Road. Aussie has the finest beaches in all the world.
Stop and listen for the song of a bird.
Who are you impersonal cloud?
The happy fisherman. Find the things you love and do them often.
Two sides to every story, one light and one dark or are they both grey?

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