Where are we going when we die?

Where are we going when we die?

Have you ever seriously considered not being alive, what does it feel like not to exist? Or ......do we in actual fact still exist...who can tell you, who truly knows?

 I am not here to convince you there is a God and a heaven,

Let each individual alone decide his or her destiny.. but ..if heaven were for a sparse infinitesimal moment considered not to be the truth, I have indeed lost nothing by believing, but on the other hand if this glorious destination was the real deal...YA HOOO I have gained everything! 

When I depart from this earth there are many places I wish to visit, many things I wish to do, many people I wish to meet, I begin with just a tiny summation of a few places in the heavens and and the afterlife that I will frequent.

There is a place they describe that is first on my list. There are so many Suns (stars) so close together it is light all day and all night for many millions of miles around. I am going there to be with the stars and listen to their songs. My ears will of course be equipped with sonar sound reducers, because the audible noise of stars is so intense and loud that God supplies these free of charge at the entry gate.

My next stop is a visit to a blue planet that is totally covered in ocean, water, water everywhere and all the drops can be drunk. At the entrance to this planet, God provides an array of old wooden boats, you simply take a boat and push it into the water, once you have done that, a huge, white, translucent, sail that reaches far into the vapours above appears and the solar winds simply float you all over this planet. Take some food because you will be travelling for many days, oh and take your camera, the bird life is spectacularly out of this world.

My next stop is in my own solar system, the planet Neptune has always, been fascinating to me. At the entrance you are provided with an Eskimo like suit, and snow glasses, put these on because it is sub zero temperatures. (around minus 500 degrees) Once you are clothed you will descend into a blue and icy cave like environment with ice walls and glaciers that have always existed. Storms so violent will surround you but no harm will come if you keep your magic jacket on.

Next stop is the cloudy atmosphere of a dying star, at the entrance gate you are provided with a remote control that has only two buttons, a rewind and a fast forward button. Once you get quite close to the dying star, perhaps only a few million miles away, you get to push the buttons. And there before your eyes, you will get to see the birth, life and death of a star. I must remind you that respect and quiet is required in honour of a most beautiful life lived in the universe.

My next stop is to visit my friend. She went to heaven just over five years ago now. God told me she is choosing to reside on the beautiful planet, Tritonavia. It will take me a month or two to get there but He said she would love to see me as she has often mentioned my name. The travel is momentous to say the least. I arrive on the planet Tritonavia, and descend right into the middle of an amazing city, small golden and blue houses line the lanes, birds, butterflies and bees are frequently heard and seen flying up and down the streets. Lights glow from each chequerd window pane. I leave the hub of the city and pass through vast plains and sunlit golden fields, men are everywhere cutting the grain, they wave and smile as I pass. I head towards the distant hills and finally after climbing a green, mossy cliff with a crystal waterfall sweeping each rock as it descends to the mountain floor, I see her house, I climb the ladder, I look around. Moments of time stand still and then suddenly coming from the icy waterfall I see her, she is still holding the clothes she was washing, she drops her washing and runs towards me, laughing and crying we hug and all is forgotten. Nothing else matters....

Where are we going when we die? 

Evolution...I am an accident, living for nothing and going nowhere.
Creation.... I am planned, living for something and going somewhere.

Might that somewhere be the most beautiful place in all the universe? Could this all have been planned for us long, long ago ?

Sarah walking on Strenhouse bay jetty Edit I am ready!

Two waves

Wave after wave, of emotion will flood me, all tears will be wiped away.

Heaven is near

I will stand alone before God, I have nothing to fear. God is good.

The mountains

As high as the mountains.

Sailing under the sky

Sailing beyond all things.

Heavens door2

The doorway to heaven. Let no man despise His church for although inquity may be found, it is the church that is His glorious bride.

Sunset after fires

The Son.

* A young girl lay dying of cancer, she asked her mother in her last hours.."Mum you taught me all about earth and how to live, but why didn't you teach me about heaven and how to die." Author unknown.

* But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory. None of the rulers of this age understood this, for if they had they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. But as it is written, 'No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him. Author The bible.

* Surely it is not wrong for us to think and talk about heaven. I like to find out all I can about it. I expect to live there through all eternity. If I were going to dwell in any place in this country, if I were going to make it my home, I would inquire about its climate, about the neighbours I would have - about everything, in fact that I could learn concerning it. If soon you were to emigrate, that is the way you would feel. Well, we are going to emigrate in a very little while, we are going to spend eternity in another world... Is it not natural that we should look and listen and try to find out who is already there and what route to take. Author D.L. Moody.

* It is appointed for men once to die. Author Hebrews the Bible 

* When you get to heaven and look around at the faces, you will be most surprised at how many scores of people are there. Let no-one judge who has their name written. Author Gloria Copeland.


You only die once. There is no avoiding it. However death is not the end... death is your destinys door.

My mother refused ever to talk about death I presume a great fear enveloped her and made her mute on this subject. She would get quite angry if the subject was ever even hinted at. I believe many cannot force their minds to dwell on what happens when they die. But is is an unavoidable fact of life. WE ALL DIE!

I find myself almost the opposite, I feel we talk about this present day world so long and so hard and so much and it has brought more confusion and turmoil than has ever existed before. The world we are to depart to, is of far greater importance, than the one we leave behind. I would like to spend my waking hours making this world a better place so that no one can refute the fact that there is an after life. 



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