Why I'm going green and glad wrap is off the shopping list.

Why I'm going green and glad wrap is off the shopping list.

The grass is always greener on the other side, that's because someone watered, swept, cleaned, weeded, tidied, which took sweat, effort and work. 

Don't be green with envy. If your lawn (life) does not look like theirs...maybe you need to visit the garden shed, OR, their green lawn may be plastic, false, synthetic and not at all eco friendly!!

by Author. Wendy Philip

Well .... why am I giving up glad wrap.....My Reasons: 

1. I'm silly. 

2. I love doing things the long and slow way. 

3. I want my food to dry out in my fridge. 

4. I'm old fashioned. 

No, none of the above, I guess I hope to make a very small contribution to my children's, children's, children's, future. 

I have made special covers for my containers and it is actually working, AND this morning I went to the supermarket and made a whopping $3.00 saving, by not having to buy glad wrap. 

We don't use straws any more or drink out of paper cups, and as time goes by, I hope to do a little more each day. 

Is the grass really greener over there?
You cannot ascertain what sort of life another individual has.
Clouds come and go to all who find themselves alive.
I may find myself far from sanity and self preservation, I may find I will have to lay aside my earthly wishes for a season.
But a small sacrifice today may alter my children's future tomorrow.
And if by reason of chance all my efforts where pointless, I will have set my mind free by doing what I consider to be the right thing in this life.
I can stand tall and be proud that an effort, is better than no effort at all.

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