Why is pink reserved for the morning and the evening?

Why is pink reserved for the morning and the evening?

What ever possessed the creator of the universe to reserve the colour pink for the mornings and evenings?

I rise at the beginning of the day

Morning presents itself in pink.

I am filled with anticipation and bright ideas.

The day progresses in green and coolness

The tasks arduous and tedious.

A lunch respite in gold and red.

The afternoon drags on in heat and boredom

I take a swim to cool the tired but happy body.

Then slowly the evening returns to pink.

Oh happy hour, the day is done.

You remind me that each day starts and ends in the most enticing and vaporous of colours.

A sign that beginnings are good.

And endings give us a place to gauge the virtue of the days accomplishments.

And if by chance we have accomplished very little.

It's a gentle reminder that the dawning of another day is imminent.

Early morning at Hallett Cove beach.
Dusky seabirds fly home for the night.
Fishing till there are no more rays of the day left.
Mt Cook gallant and majestic in pink.
Mountains look so beautiful in glowing shades of pink.
The most subtle pink in the early morn. Goolwa.
The Kaikoura mountain ranges catching incredible cloud formations.
First and very early light. Kaikoura mountain ranges.

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