Why light is better than dark.

Why light is better than dark.
Light is the very foundation of human existence

Most of my photographs this week were shot into the setting sun. I tend to like the bright overall effect that this has on the ocean when I am photographing near the sea.

The light can change from moment to moment, it is absolutely fascinating. 

As you perfect your skills as a photographer you will love experimenting with the beauty of our sun. It seems as if two moments in time are never quite the same. 

What do they say...our universe is expanding at the speed of light.. I think our sun is introducing moment by moment new colours and variations of light, probably at the speed of light...incomprehensible really. Rays of light from an enormous ball of fire, millions of miles away throw themselves towards our small blue planet and light our paths, warm our hearts and give us life abundant! No small miracle...might I say.

Light is constantly changing. Nothing ever existed before and nothing will ever exist quite the same again. When you click the camera shutter and then you click it again in a few minutes time, the light will have changed and the resulting image will be different.

Get outside into the light, take your smile and take your camera, we live in an incredible world.

When the sun is setting I will often NOT photograph the sunset, although beautiful, I am interested in the images I can capture around the sunset. In this image you can see the reflection of the sun on the boats window. Also I loved the hues of orange that were making the sea gold and green.
The same boat but approx 10 mins later. The sky has started to turn pinkish.
The green sail. Camera aiming straight into the sun which was getting quite low on the horizon. The sea is a glistening white mass.
The fisherman. Camera aiming into the light, but this was a cloudy day which softens the light and casts very light shadows.
Seagulls flying home. Patches of sun shine through to light up parts of the ocean.
Two yachts on their journey home. Although it's a blue sky it is a very hazy day.

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