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Althorpe Island an uninhabited island in South Australia


For many years a questioning dream has frequented our minds, what secrets lie in this distant rugged island of Althorpe. Finally one fine day we set forth crossing an ocean of blue, milky peaks, cool breezes, and a few lonely sea birds. 

We stop and anchor under a cloudless sky. But in the far distance we see an approaching stream of high cloud. Making the day look dreamy and ethereal.

Our secret location is not so secret, many others also have frequented this peculiar habitat. Sea lions, Cape Barren geese, mutton birds from Siberia and a few other local fishermen. We swim for awhile and watch the gentle waves roll in to the tiny sheltered beach.

The climb to the top is on an old track the original inhabitants would have made.​

A lighthouse, with keepers cottages stand alone and face the north wind day by day. 
Long gone inhabitants, so silent and poignant. 
Memories like the constant drift of the winds which have sailed by and gone to the endless east.

We were extremely careful to be mindful of the environment and the wildlife​. The land is owned by the Althorpe Island Conservation Park. The Friends of the Althorpe Island Conservation Park work regularly on the island to maintain its natural beauty.

Each year we could only gaze at this lonely and distant island.
Old shed and jetty.
We anchor under a cloudless sky
Don't look down!
Mutton birds have travelled from Siberia and nest in holes in the ground. Although there were no mutton birds there when we visited. We had to tread carefully as their nests are huge and concealed beneath the ground.
Light house keepers cottage
Cape Barren geese fly away.
View towards the mainland. You can only just see, West Cape, Echoes Beach and The Gap.
The day draws to a close.
A friend to say goodbye.
Fading light
It's goodbye for now. The glimmer of the lighthouse in the distance. We leave no trace, even our footprints washed away by the tide.

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Guest - Jacqueline on Friday, 12 February 2021 06:23

Beautiful pictures Wendy !

Beautiful pictures Wendy !
Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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Wendy Philip - artist.


Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth.