Black and white art has a long history, and I think it is this history that one feels when they view black and white works of art, more especially photography. 
History creates memories of moments long ago, an emotion it is difficult to describe, history takes us places in our soul and spirit.
History is thought provoking, what was life like then? Shadows of times gone by, ethereal and mystical.
History can be beautifully calming and relaxing, we remember only the happy times and those times take on a feeling of content that actually may not have existed at that actual moment.

I think black and white draws us into this historic parallel world wherein we block out the harsh realities of life and delve into a world of simplicity and neutrality.
Black and white takes out the colour so the eye is drawn to shape and contrast, patterns and lines, texture and fibre.
A world where words have no meaning and thoughts have no science.

Black and white compliments any colour in your home. It is never tiring, I can easily tire of a colour image in my home but somehow, the love I have for black and white framed art never diminishes.

Black and white images combine black and white in a continuous spectrum, producing a range of shades of gray.
Here is one of the best articles I have read on black and white photography....


Take some time to peruse the images below and feel the calm that black and white brings to you. The spaces of time let the imagination contemplate and dream. 

Sandhills Cactus beach South Australia.
The grass withers and the flowers fade.
Spoonbills. Clinton Conservation Park
Your word is a light to my path.
Walking with my umbrella in the rain.
Sandhills. Pondalowie Bay
West cape, Yorke Peninsula.
Swimming till dusk
Glenelg beach umbrellas
Paradise duck New Zealand.
Mountains of the Southern Alps New Zealand.
A little colour added to a black and white image. Lake Clear water New Zealand.
Southern Alps, New Zealand.
Canadian geese, Lake Clearwater. Motion blur with my camera.
Lake Clearwater.
A very white day. New Zealand.