We have recently shifted...phew what a task it is downsizing, and trying to get rid of things you love... 

It all happens in your mind beforehand! 

A fellow school teacher whom I was chatting too at the end of one particular school day, happened to glance at my desk and commented. "Research says your desk is the same as your brain. How you keep your desk and what is on it is very similar to how you keep your mind, and what's in it."

"Oh dear," I thought as I looked at my desk...."There is almost nothing on my desk!" 

I have a minimalist approach to almost everything in life. Everything has a space to live, and nothing need be left out for any reason at all! Everything has a use or purpose and if that use or purpose is no longer valid, it must be thrown out! Believe me, even children and husbands have been threatened with rubbish tip proposals.

So to declutter and down size was exceedingly difficult for me, as I have only ever kept things I absolutely needed.

Here is how I did it....

1. In your mind.... have a vision, see....   your new space as comfortable, spacious and peaceful. A place you will enjoy. A place of harmony and contentment. If you build this image in your mind long before the big move, it will be a lot easier to get rid of things you no longer require. If your mind is not walking with you, your hands will keep items you don't want and need. It's all in the mind. Declutter your mind first!

2. Build a picture in your mind of what you want your new space to look like. I began looking at Scandinavian style rooms, months beforehand. I collected photographs, began listing new items to buy and started getting rid of old paraphernalia I would no longer require.

3. Buy a big rubbish tin and put things in it only the day before rubbish day, then you will not be able to get them back out. 

4. Cry lots and say, "I really need you, but you just won't fit in my new home and my new life. I am going on to something new, exciting and different and there will be no place for the old and outdated!"

5. Get your mind to focus on all the extra free time you are now going to have...because

      - It will be easier to find things. 

     - You will not have to maintain, clean and take care of so many "things". 

    - You will save money on heating, gas, and water. Big spaces make big bills and vice versa.

    - You will not have to build such enormous cupboards for those "things" that you might just need one day.  Let me assure you, that day rarely comes. 

Below my pics of the new down sized home. 

I must say..

I do hit my face a lot on the wall as I get out of bed 

and I use a much smaller chopping board, 

and I can't play chasey with the grandkids any longer, 

and I hit my elbow every time I dry myself after showering, 

and I notice the ceiling is almost upon me when lying in bed, 

but, I can talk softly... as I don't have to yell across the large vacant spaces of the room to have a conversation with my husband,

AND I did fit my enormous picture of my church in my house, a feat of amazing human ingenuity!

My church, with the reflection of the arched windows opposite, quite a nice effect.