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Why new born baby's love black and white?

They cannot focus adequately until they are approx 6 months old... especially on colour. 

 Hence why not fill your baby's room with beautiful black and white images. Your baby will thank you in later life... For in the future her/his intelligence will far out shine all others!

I have a new grand daughter and a tiny space of my dressing room has now been transformed into her sleeping area and is filled with black and white pics. 

Of course already her sparkling intelligence did not need much black and white stimulation, for she got her amazing brain from her grand mother!!!  (Just don't mention that to her parents!)

These prints will inspire you to tell your children imaginative tales from days long gone past. (You can start story telling even when they are newborns.)

Of elves and bunnies, fairies, and goblins, unicorns and caves, ice and snow, storms and sunshine, butterflies and bees... 

THEN watch as your child's eyes glow like a light bulb and you witness their tiny minds racing around the limitless fields of pleasure. Where kindness reigns and nobility is supreme and good people are good, and bad people are bad. Oh the joy of an imagination activated by some simple black and white pictures!!

Shelves the perfect place for friends to gather
I see you..
Birds of a feather
We are off for our daily swim.
"Sometimes I just look and I am amazed at what I see.. is that really me.. so tiny and adorable.."
My harey friends
Ha ha ha.. sometimes you laugh so much you could almost fall off the fence!
Flying is always what I plan to do...
Woolly friends are friends for life, cause they are always warm and cosy
What child does not love a white horse?
My sister and myself all set to explore this incredible world.
Is there any one at home today, or have you been washed away?
"There I are... so splendid!!"
I can see you Mrs Bunny, all the others who are reading this on their iPhone will have to zoom in to see you.

 These images are available for purchase please email me using my contact page if you would like to purchase one.

See you next time. W.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

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