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7 great ways to find your creative flair


 Shades of winter. 

Creativity enables your mind to be suspended in time. Away from all the mundane and tiresome chores, we are able to devote our attention to that which we are in sync with.

The things we love. The things we are able to spend hour upon hour doing and when we look at the clock what seemed like two minutes was 5 hours. The day flashed by without one negative thought.

Putting our creative minds and bodies to work is 100 per cent healthy for us. Worry, fear, dread and anxiety all fade away, and we produce some of our best works.

My recommendation is to truly allow yourself as much time as you are able to let your creativity flow forth. A little a day keeps the traumatic away.

It totally does not matter what it is, cooking, driving, making music, walking, swimming, woodwork, cleaning, quilting.... We are all adept at something productive and beautiful.

To develop your creative flair:

My 7 "M's," will be sure to help you!

*Meditate ...set aside time to ponder
*Music music that means something to your spirit
*Motion ....begin to act. Get up, move, act.
*Meander.... go places that stimulate your passions and creativity
*Marvel .... be in awe of Gods creation.
*Manufacture ....create something of value to you and no one else. Make it yours.
*Manoeuvre.....don't rush, plan with purpose. Slow down and take your time.

At different times in your life you may have different loves. Work with each season and as they say, do your best and leave the rest.

God made all things beautiful in His time.

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Sunday, 11 April 2021

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