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What would happen if all humans suddenly disappeared?


Without warning and without even one suggestion from social media‚Ķ all humans suddenly and very quickly disappeared from planet earth. 

Remarkably not a single solitary soul was left from one end of the earth to the other. 

What followed was also quite remarkable, but really quite normal and predictable.

Billions of lights went out in big and small cities, towns and villages far and wide. Night time was rather darkish without all that human illumination.

After 3 days
All underground subways will be flooded. Trains will be filled with water as they sit idly waiting for no-one .

After 7 days
All indoor pets and animals on farms that rely on humans for their survival will begin to die off. The smell of billions of caged chickens rotting will be quite overpowering.

After 3 weeks.
Most pets that were locked at home are dead and unfortunately (or fortunately) all small breeds of dogs will cease to exist as larger dogs form packs and eat whatever they can find. In a few hundred years dogs will probably mix with wolves and there will be only one species of dog on our planet. (Oh I wish I could be alive to see that!)

After 1 month
Cooling waters will evaporate in nuclear power generators contaminating the planet with radiation. Some explosions will be several times the size of Chernobyl. Thousands of animals will die of cancer over the following years.

After 1 year.
Thousands of satellites will fall to earth.

After 25 years
Desert cities like Dubai and Las Vegas will be covered in sand. 
Green plants will begin to grow and cover our towns and city roads and highways. Millions of acres of farmland will be overtaken once again by trees and plant life.
Air will be cleaner and visibility will be much better as pollution disappears.

After 300 years
Metal constructions such as the Eiffel Tower and the bridge in San Francisco will begin to collapse.
Whales and large sea animals will grow in population and thrive. They will be having a whale of a time so to speak!!
Many dams will have burst their banks and swamps marshlands and floodplains will return and the resulting returning wild life will be prolific.

After 500 years
Modern cities will be completely overgrown with vegetation, most plastics will have now broken down and animals will roam what was once our streets.

After 10,000 years
The only evidence that humans existed will be stone constructions like the Great Wall of China and the pyramids.

After 10 to 40 million years depending on which scientist you are
No trace at all of any human existence will be left on this planet. Every single thing that might pertain to a human life will be eradicated entirely. 

Our super resistant and sustaining planet will have totally rebounded from the marks of humanity.

In its final stages
Whereupon we all fall to the ground.
Remarkable in decay
And so we return to the dust of the earth
Even the tall buildings will falter and fall
The human footprint is now non existent
As the dams burst their walls, bounteous waters will fill the flood plains again
The oceans will be overflowing with life
The sky will be saturated with the sound of singing birds
But the spaces will not hear the cheery sound of a human voice.

 Safe to say it would be wise to........ 

"Not store up for yourself treasures here on earth where moth and rust destroy, but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also."

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