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No-one goes there Easter blog


Recently while reading a coffee table photographic book  I came across a picture of a gorgeous and quaint old church,  underneath the author had written


I felt an inner sadness I cannot quite describe....

Church was the centre of most peoples lives for a very long time. After WW2 things changed and thousands upon thousands decided they did not need God or His church any longer.

Human beings knowledge and experience and wisdom became far superior to Gods. We don't need God or His buildings any longer was the cry from the human heart.

Churches began to be looked upon as hypercritical, outdated and abusive institutions. Sadly some of this was certainly true.

But as humans are prone to do..... they threw the baby out with the bath water!!

If the church has hurt or offended one person, well it has offended and hurt THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! And the whole world must pay for the sins of the one.

Hmm funny I've gone to church for over 40 years now, I've been offended, and hurt and probably even abused, but I still go there. "I must be a NO-ONE."

He hasn't changed...sadly we have changed.

We are so clever now, yes indeed very, very clever...I mean, we make bombs to blow each other up, we kill, steal, rob and destroy, heck I even heard the other day we are trying to pass a law to kill full term babies!

Has our cleverness made us a law unto ourselves?

I cannot point the finger, I am to blame just as much as anyone else, we have all fallen short, done wrong and been dishonest....

However one man paid the price, He jumped into the bath, baby, bathwater and all!! 

And He paid for all our shortcomings with His life. 

 Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever!

No-one goes there anymore.
This pic has followed me wherever I go. It is one of the first photographs I ever took.
In my new house
And in my old house
It keeps following me.. wherever I go my church goes....
...better is one day in His courts than a thousand days anywhere else
In my darkest hour I will arise...
But will I find?
The chairs are empty.
Old, cold, and daunting is there any spiritual life inside?
An old note still half attached to the door, perhaps it said, "We don't go here anymore, we go somewhere else that will give us the hope and comfort we need."
Day after day, alone on a hill, the man with a thousand voices standing perfectly still, but nobody seems to know Him and nobody seems to care... He sees the sun going down and the eyes in His head see the world spinning round....
Even in our darkest hour we still seek comfort and solace from the man with a thousand voices....
A light still shines in the church......and perhaps the man with a thousand voices can still be found in His church .

 I hope you have a wonderfully Happy Easter. 

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Comments 3

Guest - Brenda - Wildflower on Sunday, 14 April 2019 16:32

And still he stands....gently knocking......

And still he stands....gently knocking......
Guest - Wendy Philip on Sunday, 14 April 2019 18:05

So very very true. Lovely comment. Thank you.

So very very true. Lovely comment. Thank you.
Guest - Graeme on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 13:29

Well said and photographed Wendy....a symbol of our times and yet the church continues......

Well said and photographed Wendy....a symbol of our times and yet the church continues......
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