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Why search for an unknown God?


The search for an unknown God

It was a warm afternoon, the sun had drawn its last bit of strength from the day and it was now growing weak and returning to the place from whence it came. It twinkled and sparkled, it appeared to speak of untold wisdom and beauty all in a peaceful silence. 

My friend, whom I was collecting a herd of cows with for the last milking of the day, asked if I would mind staying here for awhile, as she had to tend to some strays further up the hill.

I sat in that late afternoon and waited. 

How do I describe where I sat down and what I felt?

The grass, slightly green but a little burnt from the summer sun, the hills, rolling and evenly falling to the west, the tall trees, surrounding me, and slightly cast down from the exhausting hot sun, a collection of birds, sorrowfully returning to their nests, and the dim distant view of some faded wooden slats belonging to the tall, elegant farmhouse where my friend and family resided.

It was in this picturesque farmland that I I waited that beautiful sun took its last bow. It began to sink below the tall leafy trees. The last embers of the day's heat, turned quickly into a cool chill.

Not another soul was in sight, a loneliness and yet a compelling enthralling seemed to take hold of me. 
AlI I could hear was the rustling of the leaves on the trees. 
All I could see was the dappling and twinkling of the last light beaming and shining through those leaves. Each leaf, alive and surrounded by a crystal like glow, 
The mists of a timeless light enveloped me, spirit, soul and body. The haze of the afternoon drew me into a place of endless peace, calm and beauty.

I no longer saw the sun or the leaves, the sound of the rustling disappeared, my world was transformed into a calm and beauty which I could never describe in words!

I longed for this incredible sensation to stay, but the moment I longed for this, it seemed to disappear. 
Then I heard my girlfriends voice shout "I'm back!"
And I hurried up to meet her. 

That moment is now many years ago, (If I recall I was in my late teens.) but this experience never leaves me, one autumn day, a chance encounter with an unknown God. 

A lonely silence
Sacred forest
Silent forest
Trees can so easily make the light dapple and twinkle.

Many people may interpret this experience in many different ways, but for me, it was an unlettered call to heaven, and a clear and ever present answer came reassuring me of an existence beyond which I could comprehend.

In answer to my question... "Why search for an unknown God?" 

I didn't search, He came and found me. Although I am persuaded, I had an open heart to see, hear and believe.

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