There is always a miracle, if you take the time to look for it. 

I wandered down to the waters edge and watched the winter rains come in
The ocean beckoned to me, it called from down in the deep dark places of the cold.The sun was going down and the sea took on a dark but spectacular look.
Remnants of a wreck stood firm in the darkened grains of sand
A cliff to watch on and helpless to save lives, the last of the suns rays too weak to offer any assistance
The boiler now lies forever in the troubled waves of gold and white horses
The tides come and go
Rushing to save
And rushing again in retreat
Only one life was lost so I stand in memory of a hero now happy in heaven.
The wind so wild, the storm so strong. The pressure of the ocean is like no other. Nothing can stand against its might, only God who said..."This far and no further will you come!"

This stormy night we frequented Ethels beach in Inneston National Park, a most beautiful beach to take our photographs, this was where the ship wreck of Ethel (1904) and SS Ferret (1920) happened so long ago. 

This beach is termed a high energy beach, as the ocean thunders in most of the time without much rest or respite for the environment. I have seldom seen this stretch of coastline calm.

NB. In both shipwrecks only one life was lost which is amazing considering the turbulence of this beach. The most wonderful thing is heroes will not be forgotten and we learn from them, this young boy tried in vain to save his crew and lost his life in the process, a noble and incredible feat.....also we learn that God is still alive and that heroes are in a world full of hope and light. 

The earth and all that happens is a miracle. 

See you next time W.