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9 simple pointers for taking great outdoor self portraits. (selfies.)


This weeks blog is about making a great photograph of yourself. My husband took the shots of me below (after, of course strict instructions from myself.) and I love them, it made me feel special and gave me such a thrill to see myself with some of Gods spectacular landscapes surrounding my being.

Your photo does not have to be a close up of your face...try something different, think outside the box, experiment, be creative, go crazy, do something wild.....

Matthew 6.34. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow what you will wear, consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not spin or toil. Yet not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed as beautifully as they are.

 The selfie syndrome is here to stay, did you know ...

Snapchat has hit 10 billion daily video views... so I can only imagine what the selfie posting stat is??

A note from author and minister Dr Phil Pringle:
In recent years body image has remained among the top three issues of personal concern for young people.
The line between healthy concern and nail biting anxiety can be thin. We need to care for our bodies and feel comfortable in our skin. We should eat well, exercise and take pride in how we look. However we are surrounded every day with photoshopped images of perfect bodies, men and women. We can obsess about achieving perfect bodies. Our whole life should not be trying to trim down, shape up and become "acceptable" to impossible standards. But neither should we be cavalier with our bodies, eating badly and letting our weight get out of control. Both extremes call for discipline. We need a lifestyle that is a healthy balance. Discover God in your dark moments, this is by far the best habit to develop that whenever you're feeling overwhelmed you go to God and find strength in his power.

A few points that will enhance your wild creativity...But before you grab that camera, do it for you and be completely happy with how you yourself...

1. It's all about light, my preference is always out of the bright sunlight. Shade, or early morning and late evening are the best times. Light at these times of the day is softer to the skin. Seriously if you do this you will be sure to get super, standout, stylishly, shaped shots.

2. Wear some clothing flattering to you and the scene. This may be a colour that blends.... eg a golden shirt in a golden wheat field. Or a colour that is the complete opposite to the background eg a red outfit in a green forest.

3. Avoid the tongue hanging out and the big gaping open mouth smile... so kitch, outdated, cheesy or tacky.....and fake, and just plain yuck!!

5. Distant shots are captivating and very mysterious. ( These far distance shots are my favs, as you can see....hides a multitude of sins, especially as you feel the wrinkles of time attaching themselves to your once taut and terrific skin... but oh whoops ..How I love these wrinkles...) Place yourself in the right part of the landscape and stand slightly side on, or back towards camera. Try heaps of different angles to get your best side. Get your photographer to stand rock, steady, still to take the shot, otherwise you will just be a blurry dot.

6. Don't just snap at anything, look for interesting, arty, colourful, patterns, lines, animals, houses, crowds, ocean, miles of sand.....miles of anything....

7. Do have the light behind the photographer otherwise the face of the person will be too dark to see. Unless you are after the silhouette effect or the bright hazy blurred effect, which can be equally as enchanting, so experiment.

8. Point the focus dot of the camera on the eyes, or the skin. I generally go for a shutter speed 100 or over so that the face is in focus.

9. These images of myself, give me that "special feeling." And that's how you want the person being photographed to feel... I remember the sea breezes swishing past me, the waves crashing, the dress making me feel like a princess... It was my happy place!!
When I look at these photos again, I am immediately transported back to the purity and essence of the moment. 

In the distance
Different light
That yellow skirt
Loved the sky in this image, this girl stood for a long time texting...maybe a lonely place to express sad thoughts?
On a clear day you can see for miles
Business by the beach
I can take your calls wherever I am!!
Business on the wild side.

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Guest - Mike on Tuesday, 06 March 2018 00:14

yep great work Wendy and an encouraging read Thank you

yep great work Wendy and an encouraging read Thank you
Guest - Tania Bailey on Tuesday, 06 March 2018 08:36

Quite stunning again, Wendy! And a few helpful hints too!

Quite stunning again, Wendy! And a few helpful hints too!
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