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How to make your home look good with black and white pics.

My most favourite of all framed pictures have always been black and whites. I remember as a young child gazing at my Aunties framed pictures in her home in Christchurch, New Zealand and loving them. I would dream of the day I could have a home with beautiful pictures like hers.

Lately I have been converting my images to black and white. Here are some thoughts as to why you will always enjoy black and white images in your home.

1. Timeless, for some reason two colours the opposite ends of the spectrum catch our attention and have remained fashionable throughout the ages.

2. Black and white removes all colour so angles, objects, lines and patterns become the predominant feature.

3. Black and whites rely on contrast for their effectiveness, which is always eye catching. In other words, stark black against sharp white amplify the appearance of the subject matter.

4. Removing colour enables you to focus on the subject more readily.

5. Your home will always look good with a black and white framed pic.

6. You can group smaller black and white pictures together and they look great.

7. Children look good in black and white. 

8. Black and white offers a moody and spiritual look to an image which cannot be achieved with colour. This draws us into a picture and allows our imagination to run wild.

Here are some of my latest works. Some also desaturated and not quite black and white.

If you want to use black and white in your home start small. 

These shots below are simply standard sized pics. 

They fit into frames easily and you can add a large white border for extra effect. 

To begin with, try taking shots with one main subject. Make the subject stand out against the background. For example a black dress against a white background. A white yacht in stormy seas. A dark jetty against some lighter waves.

Buy some frames. Black looks great. White looks good. And wood looks fine. 

Just begin taking photos you will soon see which images look best converted to black and white.

​Look out for any lines, patterns and contrasting colours. These will look best in a black and white image. 

Desaturate the image first when editing. Then add more light or darkness as necessary. Lighten the shadows and brighten the whites. 

The internet is full of fantastic articles on how to perfect your skills.  HAVE FUN!

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See you next time, Wendy.

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